WordCount Blogathon Week 1 Recap

Not sure I’ll manage to do a recap every week, but here we go. LOL When I signed up for this blogathon, I knew that coming up with ideas for posts wasn’t going to be a problem. I have a long list of ideas (and I still have one post that’s half written, but needs some work, that I started in May) and a long list of review books. My problem is taking the time to sit down and write them. This is forcing me to do that. It’s a bit scary in a way, because some of these ideas have been sitting around for a while, and if I use them all up this month, what will I use later?

That’s ridiculous, of course. I’ve published more than 700 posts on this blog alone, and while some of them were supplied by book tour organizers, most of them were things that came out of my head. So, a new fear to work through. Fun.

In case you missed them, here were my posts for the week:

What Am I Waiting For?
What Part of Social Do You Not Understand?
Kid Quotes (6/3)
Book Review: Letters from the Closet by Amy Hollingsworth
Top 5 Apps I Use for Blogging
Literary Addicts Weekly Meme – Favorite Children’s Book
Minding My Own Busyness

Have you checked out the other bloggers? There are more than 200 blogs participating. Here are a few.

The Nomad Farmer Joby is neither a nomad nor a  farmer, but he is a talented and entertaining writer.

My Life Remixing Niki is a military wife whose husband has just deployed for 6 months. Go show her some love.

More2Les Les is kind of random like me, but you have to go read her June 1 post about making graham crackers from scratch!

A Learning Journey Tracey writes about her family’s homeschool journey, and her blog is full of discounts and freebies for homeschoolers. And they have butterfly larvae! How fun is that? I’m excited and they’re not even mine. (Yes, I’m a dork. Shut up.)

Wishing you had signed up? It’s too late to register, but you can still blog with us. Just drop me a note in the comments, and I’ll mention you in next week’s recap. (See, that will give me a reason to do one.)