What Am I Waiting For?

I’ve been hit with several related messages lately, and they all point to the same question: What am I waiting for?

In January, I wrote that my word for 2013 was going to be freedom. Freedom from many things, but they basically all boiled down to freedom from fear. Looking back at the last five months, I haven’t done well with following through on that. I did take one giant leap, but I didn’t really have any choice about the timing of that one.

As easy as it would be to beat myself up over what could easily be perceived as failure, I think I’ve spent enough time beating myself up over the years, so what I really need to do is figure out what to do to change things. Still working on that one, honestly, because it involves changing my thoughts and things that come from deep inside me, so not an overnight job. Continue reading

Literary Addicts Book Fest

Welcome to the Literary Addicts Fest!
Come RSVP to the Author PanelsSaturday June 1st

12 PM – New Adult Panel

1:30 PM – Contemporary Romance Panel

3:00 PM – Romantic Edge Books Round Table Panel

Sunday 2 June

12 PM – Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance Panel

1:30 PM – Young Adult Panel

3 PM – The Indie Biz

4:30 PM – Workshop – The writing process (3 Parts) Continue reading