TOS Review: Happy Kids Songs (Ages 4-8)

Happy Kids Songs Review
Most younger kids love music, and my six-year-old certainly does, so reviewing Happy Kids Songs was a lot of fun for us. We received three sets of songs: Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, and Manners & Character. There are a total of seven sets, with other titles such as Social Skills & Bullying, Feelings & Fears, Practice & Success, Talking & Listening, and Respect & Responsibility.

We also received the Happy Kids Songs Workbook, which includes lyrics and activities for every song in the entire collection. When you purchase a download, you will also get access to free pages you can download for those songs. This is the same content that is in the Workbook. The Workbook is just all of those free pages (122) pre-printed and bound for you. Continue reading

“But I’ve Never Had a Twinkie!”

Sooo, you may be a health-food freak if this is the response from your kids when you tell them that “the Twinkie company” is going out of business.

Jeffrey has had one, several years ago at a family reunion. My dad (aren’t grandparents usually the culprits?) gave him a Twinkie. Having never seen one before, he requested a plate and fork. (He was five or six.) He doesn’t remember that, though, and has insisted for several years that he’s never had a Twinkie. Bennett really has never had one. I’ve had a few Twinkies in my time, but I preferred the CupCakes (Chocolate, of course. Did you know they’re making strawberry CupCakes now? Well, not now.) Continue reading

A Trip to the Zoo

I’m hopelessly behind. These pictures are from our zoo visit in Arkansas. Back in June.

Bennett woke up that morning and popped up. “We’re going to the loo!”

We picked a very hot day, so most of the poor animals were hiding. There was also some major construction going on, so a few of the animals weren’t on display. Including the “libra” and the “wino”. Yeah, zebra and rhino just isn’t as much fun. Continue reading

Kid Stuff

This edition isn’t all kid quotes, but there are several in here. Keep in mind, this is my baby book/journal, and feel free to skip around if mommy stuff doesn’t interest you. There’s some pretty good stuff in here, though. 🙂

Bennett was playing a game on the computer.
B: My tummy hurts.
Me: Are you hungry?
B: No. It hurts cuz I’ve been clicking a lot. Continue reading

Kid Quotes

We were walking out the library when the wind picked up.
Bennett: It’s windy. Is it Wednesday? (I blame Pooh.)
Me: No. It’s Friday.
Jeffrey: You know, it should be really hot on Friday. [Think about it.] And we should all sit around on Saturday. And the sun should always shine on Sunday. I don’t know what to do about Monday. But on Tuesday, we should say everything twice. We should say everything twice. Continue reading