Kid Quotes (6/3)

I’ve posted two serious posts in a row, and that’s pretty much all I can handle, so now for some fun. 🙂 For those dropping by from the WordCount Blogathon, my kids are Jeffrey (11) and Bennett (4), and they keep me pretty entertained.

In our old house, the closet in Jeffrey’s room was only half-size because a brilliant architect and/or contractor decided that having a fireplace in the (finished) basement, and thus a chimney running through the closet space, was more important than actually having a closet in a bedroom. So for years, I used a shower curtain rod as a second rod for his clothes. This also enabled me to put seasonal stuff down where he could reach it when he was little. When we moved, I suddenly had a curtain rod I had no use for. So, I put it in our hall coat closet for Bennett to hang his coat and jacket on. Jeffrey was so excited. “Isn’t modern technology great?”
I attempted to explain, “Well, these aren’t really modern. Shower curtain rods have been around for quite a while now. And it’s not really technology…”
He would not be deterred. “Isn’t Mama technology great?” Continue reading