Kid Quotes (6/10)

Today’s Kid Quotes will be a shortened version. It’s been a long day and I need to get a post up for the blogathon. ­čśë

Today was Bennett’s first ever day of Vacation Bible School. Jeffrey has been going to the same one for years and he loves it. Bennett didn’t want to go because he was going to be in a different class than Jeffrey. Here is what I posted on Facebook this afternoon after picking them up:
Despite his misgivings, Bennett had a blast at his very first day of VBS. What did he learn? “They said Paul wrote the whole New Atestment.” Ah, yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s not what they said, son.

In all my unpacking, I unearthed two 4-H trophies from high school. I was one of the teen leaders of our county’s rabbit project. Bennett was looking at the 4-H trophies and asked me why I wanted to learn about rabbits.┬á
“It was something to do. In high school, I was always doing something. 4-H, one of my other clubs, hanging out with my friends. I was never home.”
“You had friends?”

Bennett gets to sinus headaches. When he feels one coming on, he tells me he needs his “neezel spray”.