Excerpt and Giveaway: Living Your Covenants Every Day by Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt (An LDS Book)

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living covenantsLiving Your Covenants Every Day

The little things we do on a daily basis don’t just matter—they can make all the difference. Intentional daily acts focused on covenant-keeping will bind us to the Savior as we are deliberate and determined to follow Him in small and simple ways. Drawing upon the teachings and lives of ancient and modern prophets, author Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt identifies patterns of truth that encourage increased commitment to covenant relationships while diminishing the binding grip of the adversary. Included are chapters on the need to be consistent in covenant- keeping, on recognizing Satan’s tactics and lies, on undoing self-destructive routines, on the role of the Spirit to help us both feel and follow promptings, and on the power of daily scripture study and prayer in establishing habits that reinforce and support our commitment to the Savior. Continue reading

WordCount Blogathon Week 2 Recap

I’ve been in a fog this week, and not only was it hard to make myself blog, but I’ve hardly been online. I’m taking medication that I just started Monday, and it’s making me groggy. Normally, I could sleep a little later in the morning to feel rested, but the boys had VBS this week, so we had to be up early every day. I might have come back home for a nap one or two of those days…

But I did blog, even if a few of my posts were less than my best writing. In case you missed them, here are my posts for the week.

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