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Kid Quotes (2/4)

Sometimes Bennett seems older than his years, such as when he dropped something in the car and told me, “I seem to have lost it.” Or when he told me, “Please don’t respond to me.” What? Turns out that one was supposed to be “interrupt”, which we figured out when he kept saying, “Don’t inter-respond […]

Kid Quotes (7/19)

This is post #501! Does that mean I talk to much? Don’t answer that. On to the kid stuff.

Bennett’s been watching “Gaspard and Lisa”, a cute, if odd, cartoon on Disney, Jr. Gaspard and Lisa are both dogs, complete with walking, talking dog families. Which is normal for a cartoon, except that everyone else […]

Kid Quotes

You know when you make someone angry and they say, “I’m going to make you pay for that!”… Well, Bennett, being the generous (and a bit confused) darling that he is, says, “I’m going to pay you for that!”

Bennett told me the other night, “I brushed my teeth. Now they won’t get black and […]

A 3-Year-Old and A Mirror

We went to a science museum last night and along with seeing a few dinosaur skeletons, we found some cool toys to play with. One was a window with lights set up on each side. The lights only shined on one side at a time to create a reflective effect, like when you can’t see […]

Who Needs “Mother’s Day”?

Jeffrey told me yesterday that he wanted to make a special surprise breakfast for us today.   He made me keep Bennett closed up in the bedroom until he had finished.

We had cinnamon toast, apples, Ritz crackers, and Bennett had a side order of Fruitful O’s (by special request). 


Kid Quotes

Jeffrey had CRCT (state-mandated standardized testing) this week, and Monday morning when it was time to leave, Bennett got upset and cried, “But I don’t know how to do schoolwork!” When I explained to him that only Jeffrey was taking the test and we would be leaving him there and Bennett would be coming home […]

Where Did These Kids Come From?

On the way back from Arkansas, we stopped at Memphis to walk along the river and have a picnic lunch. I was trying to finish off an almost-empty bag of potato chips, so I dumped a small pile of mostly crumbs and little pieces on each of their plates. I got a whopping five tiny […]