Kid Quotes

You know when you make someone angry and they say, “I’m going to make you pay for that!”… Well, Bennett, being the generous (and a bit confused) darling that he is, says, “I’m going to pay you for that!”

Bennett told me the other night, “I brushed my teeth. Now they won’t get black and fall out.”

Jeffrey asked Bennett what he wanted to be when he grows up. Before I could remind Jeffrey that Bennett is only three, B replied, “A firefighter.”
Jeffrey: “So you’re going to run into buildings and save people?”
Bennett, very disgusted with his brother’s ignorance: “No. They have hoses.”

We never watch awards shows, but we’re visiting my parents and the kids don’t have much to do here, so they watch more TV than we normally do. We watched the CMT Awards the other night. Before the show, Bennett asked, “Are these the same people that sing on the radio?” When I told him that they would be singing all the songs he likes, he asked, “Will they sing ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’?”

Jeffrey started choking. When he was able to talk, he told me, “I swallowed my saliva down the wrong throat.”

I picked up some (okay, about 100) books via Freecycle a few months ago, and among the books was The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Jeffrey wanted to read them, so he’s started The Hobbit. He liked it at first, but he told me the other day that it’s getting annoying. “The same thing keeps happening over and over. They escape from something bad only to be captured by something worse.Then they escape and get captured again.”

Both boys are fascinated with maps. We had maps all over the walls at our old house (and will again when we get settled) and they have at least two puzzles that are US maps. There is a map on the wall here at Gamma’s and Papa’s, and Bennett was looking at all the states, asking me what they are. He pointed to Texas, and told me, “That’s Texas.”
“How did you know that?”
“The state puzzle.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“I know that one, too.”
“What is it?”

We were talking about David and Goliath.
Jeffrey: “What was the name of the army that invaded Israel? The Philippines?”
Me: “No. The Philippians. No. Wait. The Philistines.”
Whatever my kids have is contagious.