Where Did These Kids Come From?

On the way back from Arkansas, we stopped at Memphis to walk along the river and have a picnic lunch. I was trying to finish off an almost-empty bag of potato chips, so I dumped a small pile of mostly crumbs and little pieces on each of their plates. I got a whopping five tiny pieces. When I said, “I guess I didn’t want any chips anyway.” Jeffrey said, “Silly Mama, chips are for kids.”

Jeffrey was counting his money and came across a penny that has had a rough life. He asked me how old it is, and I told him that it has a year on it; see how old it is. He looked at it, then told me, “The date is obscured so I can’t tell.”

Bennett and Jeffrey were fighting over one of Jeffrey’s Pokemon books. When I intervened to try to figure out what was going on, Bennett said, “I was merely trying to read it!” I. Will. Never. Survive. Two. Kids. Smarter. Than. I. Am.

Bennett’s been telling me since he woke up that his throat hurt. Actually, he’s also saying his mouth hurts. So I looked a few minutes ago to see if I could see anything in his mouth. I  told him, “I can’t see anything wrong in there.” He informed me, “It’s in there. You can’t see it because it’s in my tummy.”