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Kid Quotes (8/25)

Blake walked up to me holding his finger. I couldn’t see any cuts, bruises, or marks. B:Mama, when I push on my finger it hurts. See? I see him push. I don’t see it doing anything. Me: Then stop pushing on it. Now he’s happily playing Minecraft. Because the only reason his finger was hurting [...]

Kid Quotes (8/7)

I dropped Jack off for 4-H Forestry judging practice, then Blake and I came home and sat down with a bag of potato chips and a Garfield DVD. B: Did you check to see if these were poisonous? Me: No. No, I didn’t. Sorry.

Dentist: When did you turn six? B: July ninth. Dentist: That’s [...]

Kid Quotes (7/13)

B: I love you more than any girl in the whole world. I’ll remind him of that in 10 years.

I just walked into the playroom in time to hear Blake say, “Blake, you’re a genius!”

B to me, after I got sick: I don’t think I want to touch you, because, well, you’re infected.


Kid Quotes (6/30)

I went to put some washcloths in the cabinet and found a wet washcloth half-folded/half-wadded up on the shelf. Me: Blake? We don’t put wet washcloths back in the cabinet. B: I didn’t know. Me: What do you usually see me do with wet washcloths? He makes a flattening motion with his hand. Me: I [...]

Kid Quotes (5/30)

B: Antelope is one of my favorite fruits.

B, after watching Pooh’s Heffalump Movie: So, I guess there’s a Pooh’s Woozel Movie.

B: Who’s your favorite person in Star Wars? Me: I don’t know. I don’t really like most of them. (After some thought, I’d probably say Yoda.) B: Hence I play Lego Star Wars [...]

Kid Quotes (5/2)

B: When I was a kid, I wasn’t careful with knives.

Blake tried kale for the first time. “Kale’s good. It didn’t make me throw up.” I suppose if you’re five, that’s the litmus test for vegetables.

B: My peppermint was stuck in my neck. Me: In your throat. B: Yes. Which is in my [...]

Kid Quotes: Trip Edition (4/16)

My kids are always coming up with crazy stuff, but being stuck in a car together for 10-12 hours provides endless opportunities for entertainment. Mine, not theirs.

Early in the trip, we had a discussion about radio signals and why we have to switch stations frequently while driving. Several hours later, Blake asked how we [...]