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Kid Quotes (1/30)

This happened a few weeks ago, but I forgot about it until someone posted something about lotion on Facebook. Blake got a cut or scrape or something on his leg. B: Can we put that stuff on it? Me: Arnica? It’s not really for this kind of thing. You can’t put it on open wounds. […]

Kid Quotes (12/14)

B: You know how I’ve been grumpy the past few days… Me: Have you? B: Yes, when you weren’t looking.

J: Blake, get off my arm! B, jumping back: I’m not touching your arm! J: Yes, you were. You’re oblivious. B: I am not! J: Do you even know what that means? B: It means […]

Kid Quotes (10/31)

B: I’m tired. Me: Go take a nap. B: Not that kind of tired. I’m sweaty. That kind of tired. Because playing Minecraft is sweaty work.

B: You know why I haven’t been wearing my tennis shoes? Please don’t be mad at me. It’s because they have quicksand all over them. Me: …

Blake kept […]

Kid Quotes (10/13)

B: We have to just get Jack a new computer so he can have Minecraft. Me: Well, it’s not that easy. Computers cost money. Blake, after a little more discussion about computers: Well, it’s a good thing we have unlimited money from Daddy’s job. Ah, to be six again…. (Note to potential thieves: Daddy’s job […]

Kid Quotes (9/29)

B: Why do I keep getting sick? Does the virus come along and say, “Hey, he looks good. I’ll eat him,” and jump on my head? Me: Um…something like that.

J: What do you call a cow with no legs? B: Steak. J: No. Well, yeah. But no.

B: It’s okay when other people […]

Kid Quotes (9/16)

B: Why’s it called Star Trek? J: Because they’re trekking through the stars. B: What’s trekking mean? J: I…don’t know.

Blake and I were walking out of the library. B: There was eyeball sticking out of the ground back there. Me: I kind of doubt that. Would you like to go back and show me […]

Kid Quotes (9/8)

The boys were arguing about whether Blake had told Jack something. Since I heard Blake tell him, Jack lost this round. B: Jack, you have horrible memories! I…don’t think that’s what he meant to say….

Blake’s playing a game and yells, “I have the power!” ├á la He-Man. Suddenly, I don’t know what year it […]