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Kid Quotes: Trip Edition (4/16)

My kids are always coming up with crazy stuff, but being stuck in a car together for 10-12 hours provides endless opportunities for entertainment. Mine, not theirs.

Early in the trip, we had a discussion about radio signals and why we have to switch stations frequently while driving. Several hours later, Blake asked how we [...]

Kid Quotes (4/9)

I told B I needed food and said he’d fix me a sandwich. Then I remembered that he can’t reach my peanut butter (I have separate peanut butter so it doesn’t get gluteny bread crumbs in it). Me: Thank you, though. You’re very sweet. B: Yes, I am, aren’t I?

B: Do poptarts have gluten? [...]

Kid Quotes (3/20)

Blake, with great surprise: Why is the peanut butter in the fridgelator? Me: That’s mayonnaise, baby. I have no idea when he has ever seen white peanut butter.

B’s computer monitor has a button on the bottom edge that’s hard for him to find, so I just heard this from downstairs: Mama, can you get [...]

Kid Quotes (2/15)

B: At Christmas, I’m going to get you something you really like. Me:That’s sweet. B: Well, I’m not going to buy something. I’m just going to find something in this house that you’d like and give it to you.

B: Mama, I know how to spell “fish”, but I don’t remember how the letters go.


Kid Quotes (1/30)

Me: Are you sure you want to spend $30 of your money on PC Minecraft? B: Yes. I’ve wanted it since I was an embryo.

I noticed Jack was staring at the computer screen. He was in his math program, and he doesn’t like to admit he ever needs to write anything down, so I [...]

Kid Quotes 1/16

J: Dr. Strange is a saucer supreme. Me: What? J: A saucer supreme. Me: WHAT is a saucer supreme? J: You know. A magic guy. Me: A sorcerer? J: Yeah.

B, when Scooby Doo came on: I hope it’s the one with the Free Stoogents.

B was playing Wii Golf. “I got a pair and [...]

A Tooth Anomaly

J yelled through the house excitedly, “Mama! Blake has a tooth anomaly!” I was expecting them to be doing something silly like putting chocolate on their teeth or something. Instead, I saw this:

I have to admit I’m kind of sad. It’s his first loose tooth, and not only did [...]