Kid Quotes

Jeffrey had CRCT (state-mandated standardized testing) this week, and Monday morning when it was time to leave, Bennett got upset and cried, “But I don’t know how to do schoolwork!” When I explained to him that only Jeffrey was taking the test and we would be leaving him there and Bennett would be coming home with me, that just made it worse. “But then I won’t have a big brother!”

For some reason, every bird is a peacock. I don’t think he’s even ever seen a peacock, so I don’t know where that came from, but it’s cute. This morning after dropping Jeffrey off, Bennett and I went for a walk. A robin hopped by. “Look! It’s a peacock!”

Bennett’s watching the SuperWhy fairy tale DVD, and one of the episodes is Humpty Dumpty. He asked me, “Mama, how does the Humpty song go?” Of course, being a product of the 90’s, my first thought was, “Do the humpty dance…” I didn’t tell him that.

You know Murray from The Wiggles? Bennett is insisting that his name is Mary. Not sure if there is an accent issue here or what…

Jeffrey: Does it hurt to be laryngitic?
Me: Laryngitis? Well, a lot of times, it goes along with a sore throat, but sometimes, you just lose your voice for some reason and it may not really hurt.
Jeffrey: No. Where you can’t drink milk and stuff.
Me: Lactose intolerant?
Jeffrey: Yeah. That.

They’ve already begun planning their Halloween costumes. Hopefully, there are no rabbits involved this year. First Bennett said he wanted to be a tree.
Jeffrey: We can roll him in mud, and attach bark to him…
Jeffrey, after a few more minutes of discussion: Maybe that’s not a good idea. The mud could dry and you’d be a tree forever.

Bennett: I want to be a shoe!
Me: A shoe?
Bennett: Yeah, then I could walk on myself.