My Top 10 Curated Links for the Week

I post my own stuff, but I curate a lot of posts on my Facebook fan pages and on Twitter. Simply because of the nature of social media, I know that not everyone who follows me will see everything I post. Some of those links are pretty popular with my readers, though, which leads me to believe that some of the people who missed out the first time might like another chance.

Hootsuite conveniently already sends me  a weekly report of my most clicked links.  Obviously, clicking on a link doesn’t mean the reader enjoyed the article, but I try not to post click-bait headlines, so there is at least some interest there. So we’ll give this a shot. Let me know what you think. I’ll share my top ten links from the previous week, just in case you missed them the first time around.

(I’m not David Letterman. Because these come to me in order, that’s how you’ll get them.) Continue reading

Syndication – Good, Duplicate Content – Bad. What to Do? by Donna Huber

Syndication – Good, Duplicate Content – Bad. What to Do? by Donna Huber

Ever since Google started cracking down on blogs that had duplicate content, I have wondered how syndication played into it. In legacy media, being a syndicated columnist was a huge feat. The columnist reached greater audiences with the same content.

Then there are the news stories that play over and over on every television station and every newspaper. Even as the legacy media moved online, the practice continued. Online news sites like Huffington Post even repost content from other sites.

I’ve asked around in various groups what makes syndication okay for sites like a newspaper, but not a general blog like mine? Early answers were that they were somehow exempt from Google’s algorithm. Not fully understanding, I searched the web and Google’s own information and all I got was some technical mumbo jumbo that all I took away from was syndication was okay but not duplicate content.

I got into another discussion yesterday with an author who read an article about the benefits of syndication, but wasn’t sure how it differed from duplicate content. It got me thinking and again I went searching for answers. I ran across the most helpful article to date on the subject at Search Engine Journal.

To bottom-line the article – it’s all about the quality. You really should read the article for yourself, but I’ll highlight a few things I took away from it and some thoughts on syndication as it applies in the book-blogging world. Continue reading

A-Z Challenge: Ego



For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. If you want to see the other 1,800+(!) blogs, check  out the list here.


No, first is early. As in, 9 A.M. is too stinking early to wake up when you didn’t go to sleep until after 4 A.M. And I can’t even blame an alarm clock; I just woke up. Very frustrating. Nothing was keeping me from sleeping later. So, I will endeavour to make sense, but my apologies if I don’t.

Just this week, a blog post I wrote in December gained new life and visitors and shares skyrocketed. I’ll talk more about that post and what happened in tomorrow’s post. (Look at me! Planning ahead and stuff!) Today I want to talk about separating a writer or artist from her work.

I think what I’m saying applies to all creators, whether they be writers, painters, or sculptors, but I’m going to use writing through most of this, because it’s what I do, and it’s easier to have one focus. Also, I’m trying to stick to less than 500 words.

I’ve heard authors say that once you publish a book, you’ve released it into the world, and, as with a child you have raised and molded into what you hope is a compassionate, giving person rather than an axe-murderer, you must let go. You have no control over whether anyone likes or dislikes your work. You’ve put what you had into it and your part is done. I agree completely.

As a writer, you must write. There is no “Will I?” or “Should I?” You’ve been given the talent and the inspiration. The only thing you get to choose is if you will discipline yourself to explore and develop that talent. You are a writer. That’s it. You write. You learn, you live, then you write some more. Continue reading

Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop

Long ago and far away (okay, so my office downstairs wasn’t really that far away), I started blogging just to have a place to keep up with our field trips. Then I added a few rants. This was long before Facebook. (Now I post short rants there and long rants on my blog.) After a few years, I discovered I could get free books just for reviewing them. I love to read, I’m opinionated, and “free” is my favorite price. It was perfect! Continue reading

Hire Me: Now Offering Beta Reading and Proofreading Services

Note: This post has been updated as I have changed my rates since it was first posted. My current rate is $25/10,000 words. You can find more information on my Editing Page

I’m now offering my services as a beta reader, proofreader, and editor.

I will proofread your book, article, blog post, or document.  I will correct grammar, spelling, and general (American) English language errors.

I will beta read or edit your story. As an avid reader, I can spot the plot holes, character discrepancies, and point out stilted or unrealistic dialogue.  No fantasy, dystopian, or sci-fi.

Hire Me: Now Offering Beta Reading and Proofreading Services

I’m now offering my services as a beta reader, proofreader, and editor.  At this time, I’m using Fiverr for all my transactions. Using Fiverr protects you, the buyer, because you can see my feedback from other buyers, and you have a mediator in place if you are not satisfied with my service.

I will proofread and edit up to 2,000 words of your book, article, blog post, or document for $5 I will proofread and edit your book, article, blog post, or other document, up to 2,000 words. (For larger works, you can purchase additional gigs.) I will correct grammar, spelling, and general (American) English language errors.
I’m told this is an excellent rate, so I may raise my rates later. Don’t miss this deal!

I will beta read your story up to 7,500 words for $5 As an avid reader, I can spot the plot holes, character discrepancies, and point out stilted or unrealistic dialogue. For longer works, please purchase additional gigs. No fantasy, dystopian, or sci-fi.

Know Me Better – Round 8

“Know Me Better” is a weekly meme hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer. Each week five questions are asked as a way for your readers to get to know you better. Want to play along? It’s easy! Just click the link above to take you over to the host’s page. From there, copy and paste the meme image into your blog along with the meme code. Link back to the host and you’re done!

This week’s questions were tough! I had to think a while about some of these.

This week’s questions:

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

The Merry-go-Round. It’s fast and fun, but sometimes I get dizzy and need to take a break.

If you could have a signed copy of any novel what would it be and why?
A novel? Anything by Stephen King. But book, in general? Charlotte’s Web (Well, I guess that is a novel, right?) because it was my favorite book growing up.

Horror or Romance?
Romance, definitely. I used to love horror, but I don’t have the stomach for it anymore.

If you could choose only one time period and place to live, when and where would you live and why?
As much as I would love to visit other time periods, I’m happy living right now. I’m a computer nerd and I can’t imagine being without all the friends I’ve made online over the past few years. And I love being able to easily look things up. No more out-of-date encyclopedias. Place is a tough one, too, as most of my family is in another state, and my best friend is in yet another state, but I think where I am works for now.

Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one big expensive one?
I just like to know that someone is thinking of me, so price doesn’t matter. If it’s a bunch of small gifts, though, I’d prefer that they were something practical. I try to keep clutter to a minimum, although I’m discovering this week that I still have way too much stuff.

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