Syndication – Good, Duplicate Content – Bad. What to Do? by Donna Huber

Syndication – Good, Duplicate Content – Bad. What to Do? by Donna Huber

Ever since Google started cracking down on blogs that had duplicate content, I have wondered how syndication played into it. In legacy media, being a syndicated columnist was a huge feat. The columnist reached greater audiences with the same content.

Then there are the news stories that play over and over on every television station and every newspaper. Even as the legacy media moved online, the practice continued. Online news sites like Huffington Post even repost content from other sites.

I’ve asked around in various groups what makes syndication okay for sites like a newspaper, but not a general blog like mine? Early answers were that they were somehow exempt from Google’s algorithm. Not fully understanding, I searched the web and Google’s own information and all I got was some technical mumbo jumbo that all I took away from was syndication was okay but not duplicate content.

I got into another discussion yesterday with an author who read an article about the benefits of syndication, but wasn’t sure how it differed from duplicate content. It got me thinking and again I went searching for answers. I ran across the most helpful article to date on the subject at Search Engine Journal.

To bottom-line the article – it’s all about the quality. You really should read the article for yourself, but I’ll highlight a few things I took away from it and some thoughts on syndication as it applies in the book-blogging world. Continue reading

Blogathon Bash Kickoff Post #blogathon2

Biannual Blogathon BashIt actually started yesterday, but I didn’t. Start, I mean. And while I have several other big projects I need to complete this weekend, as well, I’m going to work an hour at a time, take a break, then work on a different project. No boredom, and I should finish 3-4 projects this weekend and get a big chunk of some others completed.

My goals for the Blogathon Bash are to go through all my old posts and

  • add tags to those that didn’t transfer tags from my old Blogger blog
  • change the names of my boys to the pseudonyms we’ve chosen
  • add affiliate/free product disclaimers to any posts that may be missing them. I know they may not have been required on older posts, but if I’m going to be going into all those old posts anyway, I may as well add it.

As you can see, with over 700 posts, this would take more than this weekend even if I did nothing else. It’ll get me started, though.

Here’s the official Kickoff post if you want to check it out.

Top Posts of 2013

Top Posts of 2013


This was going to a be “wrap-up” post, with the number of books I’ve read this year, and all kinds of fun stuff. However, as I have a few hundred books on my Kindle that I have read, but still need to post to Goodreads, this wouldn’t even be remotely accurate. So I’ll just stick to the blog posts. I hope to get Goodreads updated at some point in the near future. I just got caught up with my 2012 books a couple of days ago. (I know they were 2012 because they were on my phone, not the Kindle. Don’t ask.)

Of course, nothing can be simple, so when I went to Google Analytics to find my top ten posts for 2013, I found that most of my top 2013 posts weren’t even written in 2013. Now I have to decide if I want to make this post “Most Popular Posts in 2013” or “Most Popular Posts Written in 2013”.  If you’re wondering is this is really a problem, you have no concept of how my mind works. Continue reading

31 Days (or Weeks) to a Better Blog



I’ve been getting the ProBlogger emails for a couple of years now, and I’ve wanted to buy the books, but I either didn’t have the extra money or I didn’t have the time I knew I would need to actually implement the ideas. But right now, all the ProBlogger ebooks are 50% off until Jan 1, 2014, and I’ve decided now is the time to step up my blog. Blogs, actually.  I have four, and they all need work. This blog is, and will continue to be my main focus, but I need to not only post more often on my other blogs, but do some work to make them more reader- and Google-friendly.  Continue reading

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Everything you read about good blog content says to use pictures. Not only does it break up the text, but it makes your page visually appealing, and as a bonus, it gives readers something to pin. However, because of fear of copyright issues, and never quite figuring out that whole Creative Commons thing, I never used a picture I didn’t take or a graphic I didn’t make. (The exceptions are obviously events in which I was provided a graphic by the blogger/author running the event.)

Blog Computer Keys In Blue For Blogger Website Continue reading