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Kid Quotes: Trip Edition (4/16)

My kids are always coming up with crazy stuff, but being stuck in a car together for 10-12 hours provides endless opportunities for entertainment. Mine, not theirs.

Early in the trip, we had a discussion about radio signals and why we have to switch stations frequently while driving.
Several hours later, Blake asked how we were getting “our station” so clearly.
It took me a minute to understand what he was asking.
B: How is the station so good?
Me: We’re in Memphis. There are probably twenty stations here.
B: No. How is our station so clear here?
Me: This isn’t our station.
B: But one day we were going to the grocery store, and I heard this song.
I adore this kid.
Jack said something snarky to him, and I said, “Quit. He doesn’t understand.”
“How could he not understand?”
“He’s five.”
Instantly, his voice went from “He’s an idiot” to “He’s so cute”. “Yeah, he’s five.”
I’m pretty fond of that kid, too.

After driving for 12 hours, we got to my parents’ house around 12:30. Blake woke up at 4am throwing up. He and I were sharing the lower bunk, so while I was cleaning him, me, the bed, the floor, and half the bathroom, he asked, “Do you think it got on Jack’s bed?”
“Uh, no. His bed’s way up there.”
“Well, sometimes when you throw up, it goes up.”
Not that far, son.

Last night going to sleep (the first time), Blake didn’t want to snuggle up to me. A few minutes later, he got upset because his teddy bear was in the way and he couldn’t snuggle with me(???).
“I thought you didn’t want to snuggle.”
“Well, now I *do*.”
Then oh, so seriously, “People can change their minds, you know.”

B: So there are firstendary colors and secondary colors?

B: I know clouds are for rain, but what else are they for? Cotton balls?

We stopped at Wendy’s to eat, and I got a salad a baked potato. The tomato fell off Blake’s “chicken burger”, so I gave him my fork because he didn’t want to touch the tomato with his hands. As we were packing up his leftover sandwich to finish in the car (his lack of urgency wasn’t cooperating with my desire to find a bed), he handed me the plastic fork and said, “”We can’t take any equipment out of here.”

Blake fell asleep while Jack was in the shower one night, and the first thing he said the next morning was, “Did Jack take a shower for the whole night?”

B: Why do these peanuts taste funny?
Me: They’re cashews.
B: Oh! Well, they’re good.

#100HappyDays Day 37

Nothing is as good as Ritz Crackers, but I finally found a decent gluten-free substitute!

#100HappyDays Day 37

TOS Review: Curiosity Quest

Curiosity Quest Review
Learning should be fun, don’t you think? I think so, and the folks at Curiosity Quest think so, too! We were excited to review two DVDs: DVD Combo Pack – Produce and DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea. I was as fascinated by these shows as the kids were.

Curiosity Quest is a show that answers those niggling questions we all have about everyday things. Joel Greene is a fabulous and entertaining host who dives into the types of adventures we’d all love to experience. He takes us inside factories, farms, and salvage yards to learn how it’s done. The show airs on some PBS stations, and is available on DVDs. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes each.

Each episode starts with a viewer question, and goes onsite to meet someone with a related occupation. Every few minutes, we are shown a “man on the street” interview segment in which people (often cute kids) answer questions related to the show’s subject. This segment is quite entertaining, as some of the people come up with totally off-the-wall answers. There are also a few “Fun Fact” segments thrown in. The show is geared toward kids ages 7-14, but my five-year-old and I both watched them along with my twelve-year-old, and we all loved them. They’re funny and informative – quality “edutainment”!

The DVDs are great on their own, or as the starting point to a unit study. You can watch the episode then spend some fun time doing your own research to learn even more! We didn’t go that far, but as we watched the videos, we paused several times to google our own questions. Sometimes the questions were answered later in the episode, but we didn’t know that when we looked them up. LOL We watched two episodes a day for three days, and one morning, the first thing the five-year-old said when he woke up, was, “Have we watched the orange thing yet?” Which somehow ended up with us googling what vitamins and nutrients are in oranges before we even got out of bed.

Continue reading TOS Review: Curiosity Quest

TOS Review: Supercharged Science

Supercharged eScience Review
Today’s review is for the e-Science Program from Supercharged Science. Do you worry that you don’t know enough to help your kids learn science? Or are you just looking for a fun and interesting way for the whole family to learn? Aurora Lipper is a for-real rocket scientist with a knack for breaking things down and explaining complicated concepts in such a way that anyone can understand them. My brain doesn’t “do” science, and even I am captivated by the site. I could totally sit and watch these videos all day!

The program is set up so that students can work on their own. They can watch videos, read the lessons, and conduct experiments. Many of the experiments have a “how-to” video, so you’re not just looking at a picture trying to figure out how you’re supposed to get your stuff to look like that.

Supercharged eScience Review Continue reading TOS Review: Supercharged Science

#100HappyDays Day 36

Every spring a bird builds a nest in this pitcher. No, I have no clue how a Tupperware pitcher ended up sitting on the carport shelf. Probably had something to do with a man who has no concept of how much things cost. I couldn’t get close enough to see if there are eggs, but nothing has hatched, because we can hear them after they’ve hatched.
#100HappyDays Day 36

Kid Quotes (4/9)

I told B I needed food and said he’d fix me a sandwich. Then I remembered that he can’t reach my peanut butter (I have separate peanut butter so it doesn’t get gluteny bread crumbs in it).
Me: Thank you, though. You’re very sweet.
B: Yes, I am, aren’t I?

B: Do poptarts have gluten?
Me: Yep.
B: I thought so, because they taste good.
Me: yeah, that’s pretty much the criteria.

I was putting sprinkles in B’s ice cream.
B: Mama, “sprinkles” reminds me of “springles”.
Me: What are springles?
B: You know, the chips.
Me: Those are Pringles, baby.

B: I know what milageses [mirages] are, but what is a salutionation?

Lovely conversation before I even had my eyes open this morning:
B: I’ll always love everybody in this family, even when they’re dead.
Me: I think you have a while before you have to worry about that.
B: well, Daddy’s almost there. He’s 51.
Sad, yet amusing.

J asked why I moved a set of cups to a different cabinet.
“I didn’t. Daddy did. I guess they didn’t fit over there.”
“Why did he move them? They fat there just fine.”
“What what? Sit and sat so fit and fat.”

Book Blast and Giveaway: Among Friends: Stories from the Journey by Jim Sichko

Among Friends: Stories from the JourneyAmong Friends Cover

“This book is my Midrash.”

With these words, Father Jim draws us into his life story full of laughter, tears, and service. Among Friends is a compilation of short stories and insightful lessons experienced on his many travels as a clergyman and motivational speaker. Whether recounting his sobering flying experiences, meeting the Pope, his encounter with the “Weed Man” or telling us about his “lead foot,” Father Jim teaches us lessons through powerful storytelling. As he takes us along on his journey from getting kicked out of seminary to hosting celebrities, such as Dolly Parton, Harry Connick Jr., Martin Short, Bill Cosby, and former First Lady Laura Bush, at his small Kentucky parish, Father Jim shines a light into the corners of the human heart to expose our need for God and the love He alone can give us. You will laugh, cry, and be taken back by his honesty. In all, Father Jim shows us what it means to love God, love others, and live life Among Friends.

Amazon * Barnes & Noble

jimFather Jim W. Sichko

Father Jim W. Sichko is a priest of the Diocese of Lexington, KY. He was ordained to the Ministerial Priesthood of Jesus Christ on May 23, 1998. He travels throughout the U.S. giving missions, retreats, and days of recollection. Known for his storytelling, Father Jim weaves everyday life experiences with the rooted messages which lie within the Gospel. He is booked for speaking engagements through 2015. Each engagement lasts a minimum of three days and averages 3,000 people per night. Father Jim completed his undergraduate work at New England Conservatory of Music in Vocal Performance and received a Master of Divinity degree from Sacred Heart School of Theology.

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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