My Top 10 Curated Links for the Week

I post my own stuff, but I curate a lot of posts on my Facebook fan pages and on Twitter. Simply because of the nature of social media, I know that not everyone who follows me will see everything I post. Some of those links are pretty popular with my readers, though, which leads me to believe that some of the people who missed out the first time might like another chance.

Hootsuite conveniently already sends me  a weekly report of my most clicked links.  Obviously, clicking on a link doesn’t mean the reader enjoyed the article, but I try not to post click-bait headlines, so there is at least some interest there. So we’ll give this a shot. Let me know what you think. I’ll share my top ten links from the previous week, just in case you missed them the first time around.

(I’m not David Letterman. Because these come to me in order, that’s how you’ll get them.)

1. 8 Signs That You Might Be An Evangelical Reject ~ This must have struck a chord. I know it did with me. I didn’t write it, but I totally could have.

2. 25 ways to tighten your writing ~ A quick and dirty list of “things” to look for when self-editing.

3. List: The 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time ~ Pretty self-explanatory. It’s a slideshow so it takes a few minutes to get through.

4. 10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public ~ I’m happy to see this is near the top. I’m so proud of my audience.

5. Why I don’t use doTerra, Young Living or other Multi-Marketing Brands of Essential Oils ~ Had I started this feature last week, this link would be #1. This post is not bashing EO companies. Rather it’s pointing out that EOs are not safe taken internally unless under very specific circumstances, and those circumstances involve a doctor or other professional clinician.

6. 10 Depression Myths We Need To Stop Believing ~ Definitely go read this one if you haven’t already.

7. 4 Dumb Ways To Waste Your Writing Time ~ We all need new ways to waste our time, right? Okay, this one is about ways we’re already wasting our time. Check it out anyway. You may find something new. 😉

8. The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read ~ You may want to just bookmark or Pinterest this one. It may take a while to get through.

9. 5 Actionable Personable Branding Tips for Social Media ~ This is great for authors, coaches, consultants, or even someone who wants to position themselves as an authority to enable a job search.

10. The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying ~ No, I don’t hate Christians. See link #1.

Wow. You guys really like headlines with numbers in them. (Bloggers take note.) Let me know if you like this weekly roundup, or if you’d rather only see the top five or whatever.