Guest Post: Perfecting Your Possessives—I Am God’s Child

Perfecting Your Possessives—I Am God’s Child. A guest post by Rachel Newman
Words have always been important to me. During my adolescent years, I would often correct people when they used words that didn’t convey what I knew they meant to say. Annoying? Yes. I am sure of it. I don’t remember how old I was when I figured that out, but at some point I matured enough to realize it was okay if people didn’t always say what they meant. Maybe it was when I finally began to comprehend God’s grace. The realization that relationship is more important than semantics has surely made it easier on my friends and family.

But despite our ability to discern what’s really going on in an oral conversation, written communication is easily misunderstood if we don’t have a good grasp on grammar. Precision is especially important in the written word, because body language and non-verbal communication cues are absent. Continue reading