Review Policy

I am not currently accepting books for review. Thank you for your interest.

Please read the whole policy before submitting a request.

  • I read and review most genres. My preferences are Historical Fiction, Memoirs, and Romances, preferably historical, and Mysteries. (See next item for more on romances). I also like most Paranormal, and some Fantasy and Sci-Fi. If your book doesn’t land in one of these genres, but meets my other requirements, feel free to submit it and I’ll check it out.
  • I try to keep this blog family-friendly, so books I review here will need to keep the blood and gore to a minimum, and have no graphic or explicit sex scenes. I actually had a publisher tell me they didn’t publish erotica when I asked about a book he was pitching me. A book doesn’t have to be erotica to include a graphic sex scene.
  • I accept books from large publishing houses, small publishing houses, and self-published authors. As long as it’s been edited and won’t drive me crazy with grammatical errors, I don’t care how it was published.
  • I post reviews on the blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, if the book is in their system, and Smashwords if that’s where I got the book. I don’t post on other retail sites because they don’t allow users to edit reviews once their posted. I prefer not to have my errors hanging out on the internet forever.
  • I will accept ebooks or physical books. Ebooks need to be in .mobi format. PDFs are hard to read on the Kindle, do not always format well, and can not be converted reliably. You can send me the file, gift an Amazon e-copy, or send me a Smashwords code.
  • I do review Middle Grade and YA books. I usually let my ten-year-old read the MG books after I finish them to get a kid’s perspective. Because of that, I prefer that MG books be physical books, but it’s not required.
  • I will let you know if I will accept your book. It may take a couple of weeks, but I will get back to you.
  • I will email you when the reviews are posted.
  • I will not write a negative review for a book if I can avoid it. I have written a couple, but they were books I received from large review programs, and I was required to write a review. I have read very few books that I didn’t feel comfortable writing a review for. For those, I sent notes to the author, and in one case, enough changes were made that I eventually did post a positive review.
  • I put a lot of thought and effort into reviewing your book. Tweeting and sharing the review on the blog isn’t required, but is certainly appreciated and encouraged.
  • Physical books I receive for review will eventually end up in a giveaway on my blog. I do not pass on ebooks.
  • We can do a giveaway at the same time as the review. It can be an ebook or a physical book. You will be responsible for delivery of the book to the winner if you choose to do a giveaway with the review.

If you agree with everything above, fill out the form below to submit your book for review. I currently have a 6-week delay on reviews.