TOS Review: Curiosity Quest

Curiosity Quest Review
Learning should be fun, don’t you think? I think so, and the folks at Curiosity Quest think so, too! We were excited to review two DVDs: DVD Combo Pack – Produce and DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea. I was as fascinated by these shows as the kids were.

Curiosity Quest is a show that answers those niggling questions we all have about everyday things. Joel Greene is a fabulous and entertaining host who dives into the types of adventures we’d all love to experience. He takes us inside factories, farms, and salvage yards to learn how it’s done. The show airs on some PBS stations, and is available on DVDs. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes each.

Each episode starts with a viewer question, and goes onsite to meet someone with a related occupation. Every few minutes, we are shown a “man on the street” interview segment in which people (often cute kids) answer questions related to the show’s subject. This segment is quite entertaining, as some of the people come up with totally off-the-wall answers. There are also a few “Fun Fact” segments thrown in. The show is geared toward kids ages 7-14, but my five-year-old and I both watched them along with my twelve-year-old, and we all loved them. They’re funny and informative – quality “edutainment”!

The DVDs are great on their own, or as the starting point to a unit study. You can watch the episode then spend some fun time doing your own research to learn even more! We didn’t go that far, but as we watched the videos, we paused several times to google our own questions. Sometimes the questions were answered later in the episode, but we didn’t know that when we looked them up. LOL We watched two episodes a day for three days, and one morning, the first thing the five-year-old said when he woke up, was, “Have we watched the orange thing yet?” Which somehow ended up with us googling what vitamins and nutrients are in oranges before we even got out of bed.

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Literary Addicts Weekly Meme – Do You Stop Reading When Tired or at Chapter Breaks?




The theme of this week is –

Do you stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?

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And the answer is: yes. LOL

I try very hard to stop at chapter breaks, just because I can’t stand to stop in the middle of a scene. But if I’m falling asleep, then I just have to stop where I am. I also read whenever I get a few minutes here and there, so sometimes I have to stop mid-scene just so I can get other things done. I don’t like it, though. *pout*

Who Knew I Could Be A Creative Mom? #NaBloPoMo

We don’t do crafts in our house. Jeffrey has never been interested, even when he was in Mom’s Morning Out and when they did weekly crafts in Sunday School. He was probably seven before I realized he didn’t know how to use scissors, because it was never an issue. (Turns out it was part of his motor skills issues, but we didn’t know that then.) And frankly, I’ve been pretty happy with the no-craft thing, because I’m not very creative. I can’t write fiction, as much as I’d love to, because my brain just won’t work that way.

But I just realized a few days ago, that I can be creative sometimes. Jeffrey has always had store-bought Halloween costumes, until he got too big for them. Three years ago, Jeffrey decided at the last minute (after weeks of searching stores for something that fit) that he wanted to be a Ghostbuster. There was no time to order something online and at the time, there was nothing in stores. (We saw a Ghostbuster costume at the Halloween store the other day.)

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Kid Quotes (12/30)

Jeffrey was talking how when he’s grown, he wants to have a farm. Bennett thought this was a great idea and asked him, “Can I be one of your kids?”

A few Bennett-isms (aka the four-year-old’s dictionary):
Ambliance – an emergency vehicle
Igloo – where polar bears live
South pool – where penguins live
violent – a stringed musical instrument
Gonkey Kong – A Nintendo video game
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Celebrating Bloggers Blog Hop

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A Trip to the Zoo

I’m hopelessly behind. These pictures are from our zoo visit in Arkansas. Back in June.

Bennett woke up that morning and popped up. “We’re going to the loo!”

We picked a very hot day, so most of the poor animals were hiding. There was also some major construction going on, so a few of the animals weren’t on display. Including the “libra” and the “wino”. Yeah, zebra and rhino just isn’t as much fun. Continue reading

Kid Quotes

We were walking out the library when the wind picked up.
Bennett: It’s windy. Is it Wednesday? (I blame Pooh.)
Me: No. It’s Friday.
Jeffrey: You know, it should be really hot on Friday. [Think about it.] And we should all sit around on Saturday. And the sun should always shine on Sunday. I don’t know what to do about Monday. But on Tuesday, we should say everything twice. We should say everything twice. Continue reading