Kid Quotes (12/30)

Jeffrey was talking how when he’s grown, he wants to have a farm. Bennett thought this was a great idea and asked him, “Can I be one of your kids?”

A few Bennett-isms (aka the four-year-old’s dictionary):
Ambliance – an emergency vehicle
Igloo – where polar bears live
South pool – where penguins live
violent – a stringed musical instrument
Gonkey Kong – A Nintendo video game
Birthmark – barcode, as in, “Mama, help me find the birthmark so I can scan this.”

Jeffrey: Why does Rudolph’s nose glow?
Me: ‘Cuz he’s a mutant.
(What? Was I supposed to lie to him?)

Bennett: I found a beel.
Jeffrey: What?
B: A beel. A weapon.
J: A spear?
B: Yeah.

We were in the car, Jeffrey was playing Kirby on his DS, and Bennett was just hanging out.
B: Does Kirby have hands?
Me, after it became obvious that Jeffrey was lost in DS land: Jeffrey.
J: What?
B, quite clearly: Does Kirby have hands?
J: No, dogs don’t have hands.
Me and B: Does Kirby have hands?
J: Oh. I wondered why you asked if dogs have hands.
(I wonder so. many. things.)

We were driving at night on the interstate and we passed a school bus, presumably heading home from a football game.
Bennett: Is that a night-school bus?

Bennett was sitting quietly when he suddenly said, “Dang! I forgot how to get to Sesame Street.”