Kid Quotes (2/4)

Sometimes Bennett seems older than his years, such as when he dropped something in the car and told me, “I seem to have lost it.” Or when he told me, “Please don’t respond to me.” What? Turns out that one was supposed to be “interrupt”, which we figured out when he kept saying, “Don’t inter-respond me.” Because apparently he finds being “inter-responded” “insulating”. You know, when someone says something mean about you: insulating.

I make these notes in my email or on my phone whenever one of the boys does or says something so I don’t forget. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember details, like with this one. I don’t remember what he was talking about, but the boy’s vocabulary is so cute. Maybe we were at the grocery store meat counter and rang the bell. I’m not sure. But he informed us, “We have to ring it every moment.”

When Bennett was born, we called him Peanut. When he got a little bigger, Jeffrey decided he should be Walnut because peanuts are too little. Bennett asked him the other day, “What kind of nut will I be when I’m ten?” (Possibly a famous one if he keeps this up.)

Jeffrey was helping Bennett get ready for bed when he yelled out in a panic, “Bennett’s shirt is stuck on his head!”
Me: “Unbutton it.”
J: “Oh! That explains it!” (I don’t drink, but I don’t think anyone would blame me if I did.)

We spend half our time trying to figure out what Bennett is telling us. It’s like a game. Keeps me on my toes.
B: Is it me you’re flaming at?
J: What?
B: Like this. (Makes a face)
J: Frowning?
B: Yes.

He let me know the other night that his food was “dijusting” so he need to rest before eating more. (Er…That’s digesting, not disgusting.)

Bennett asked us one day if  “George Washington D.C.” is dead.  I told him some people think so.

We were driving along when he suddenly said, “Jeffwey, I love you millions.” (Oh, yeah, that didn’t make my Mommy-heart melt.)

I almost forgot this one. We’ve been working on memory verses. That’s pretty hard when he can’t write them down. (Jeffrey doesn’t write them, either, he just has a freaky memory.) We’d been working on Genesis 1:1 for a couple days and I thought he had it so I asked him if I could record him. (‘Cuz he’s just so stinkin’ cute.) I think there was a bit of stage-fright, but he made it through.