TOS Review: KidCoder Web Series from Homeschool Programming

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We had so much fun with this product and I’m so excited to review it! The Kidcoder Web Series from Homeschool Programming provides step-by-step instructions to teach kids how to build their own website. The lessons are self-paced, and fun and easy to follow. The KidCoder Web Series is made for kids 4th-12th grades. My son is an upcoming 6th grader and it was perfect for him. Continue reading

TOS Review: 25 Truths from Ed Douglas Publications

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Today’s review for The Old Schoolhouse is 25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us from Ed Douglas Publications.

 photo 25book_zpsac9dca24.jpg25 Truths is an inspirational guide built around Christian principles, and is meant to be used as a tool to open discussions about character and values with your pre-teen and teen.  Continue reading

Kid Quotes (7/13)

The kids are spending most of the summer with their dad, so I’m experiencing a shortage of blog material. 😉

This actually happened at a family reunion in April, but I had forgotten about it until a few days ago. It was a weekend-long gathering, so any desserts that survived one meal would be set out for the next one. At one point, we had two dishes of different brownies. Bennett said he wanted chocolate so I asked him which one he wanted.
“I want the mush one.”
“Uh…the mush one? This one?”
“No. The mush one.”
“Ah, that one?”
No! The mush one!”
At this point, my uncle is standing on the other side of the table, and he’s amused at my frustration.
“I don’t understand what you want!”
“The chocolate mush stuff people eat.”
*sigh* “Chocolate mousse?”
“There is no chocolate mousse. Do you want a brownie?”
“Okay.” Continue reading

Excerpt and Giveaway:


I understand about fear. I struggled with it for a very, very long time. What frustrates and saddens me is
seeing the Church, the body and bride of Christ, being squashed under volumes of rules and regulations that God
never intended, Jesus didn’t preach, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t want us bound by. (The early Church agreed that the
only rules for the Gentiles who were being saved was not to drink the blood of animals sacrificed to idols, and not to
engage in sexual immorality. Acts 15:29) Church leaders don’t trust that God Himself can teach a follower the
difference between having a drink and practicing drunkenness. They don’t trust that God can shine light through the
darkest movie to either point out truths within, or educate and forewarn us of the evil in the world. They either
blame everything on the devil or pretend he doesn’t exist, but they certainly don’t teach Christians how to overcome
him and live a life of freedom — in this world — that makes Satan want to throw things at the nearest gate to hell. Continue reading