There’s Only One You

I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts lately about comparing ourselves to others. Or rather, not comparing ourselves to others. Stay-at-home-mom A looks SAHM B and sees how the house is always clean, the kids are clean, mom isn’t screaming, and the family goes on vacation every year. Meanwhile SAHM B is trying to figure out how A has the time and patience to cook everything from scratch and coach her daughter’s soccer team.

It’s even worse with homeschooling moms. We are very critical of ourselves. Our kids aren’t doing as much as that family’s kids. Not enough crafts, not enough sports, not enough volunteer activities. We’re not cooking enough, doing enough, going on enough field trips, running a home-based business to help support our family. Yikes.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde

I read a blog post this morning that was talking about virtual assistants. I’ve been debating doing this for a while, but I kept thinking, “What can I do that 100 other people can’t do?”  After reading the post this morning, I realized that while there are others who can do some of the same things I can, there is not other person on earth who has my exact skill set. There is only one me.

In everything I do, whether it’s writing a blog post, editing a book, or homeschooling my kids, I bring my own experiences and knowledge into it. (Before you freak out on me, proofreading is not subjective, editing often is.)

Instead of focusing on what others do that you don’t, focus on all the things that you do. There is nothing wrong with improving yourself, and developing new positive traits, but examine your reasons first. The only reason for improvement is to be the best YOU you can be.