Top 5 Apps I Use for Blogging

Today is Theme Day #1 for the WordCount Blogathon: 5 Favorite Apps. Specifically, your five favorite apps for writing. Or, in my case, blogging.

1. Evernote: I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is on every list today. I use it to jot down ideas for blog posts, those cute things my kids say that I post here, and to flesh out post ideas. It helps with home organization, too, because I can take pictures of bills and receipts, file them, and find them easily later. Less time dealing with stuff means more time to write.

2. Dropbox: It’s much easier to take a picture with my phone, upload it to Dropbox, then grab it from my Dropbox folder for my blog, than to get out the camera, take the picture, connect the camera to the computer, and resize the photo.

3. Hootsuite: Not so much for writing, but it does make blogging a bit easier, because I can share my posts to several networks at one time.

4. Google Calendar: I not only use this to keep up with my personal appointments, but with my blogs. I have a separate calendar for each blog. Each calendar is a different color, and they all show on the same calendar page. As soon as I sign up for a book tour or blast, I add it to the calendar. I also have a calendar for my TOS Crew reviews so I can see when those are due. There’s also a calendar for my editing business. As you can imagine, my calendar is totally rainbowtastic, but it keeps me on track. As a bonus, it syncs to my iPhone, so I can always see what I have going on.

5. Remember the Milk: I use this to keep up with those little blog maintenance tasks that I need or want to do (along with all the other tasks I need to remember). And now you can link your Evernote and RTM accounts so tasks you create in Evernote will sync to RTM.

6. Bejeweled Blitz: I know. You’re thinking, “Not only can she not count, but she’s obviously using this app wrong.” Nope. This is a bonus. I’m just a rebel like that. This is the only game on my phone (for me – I have several pre-school learning games on there for the 4yo). It’s great for wasting time when I’m stuck somewhere, but it’s also great for giving my brain a break from writing. Sometimes you have to switch gears and do something different. I can’t always take a walk (can’t at all, right now), but I can always take a few minutes to play with a puzzle.

What are your favorite writing or blogging apps?