Kindle Fire Giveaway

Welcome to the Kindle Fire giveaway sponsored by Bee Savy and hosted by Debbie Does Coupons.

This giveaway starts at midnight EST on 9/1 and will end at 11:59 PM EST on 9/15.

One lucky winner is going to receive a Kindle Fire!

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September Social Splash – Win $100 Amazon GC

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I can’t believe it’s been a year since I was first sucked into introduced to Adopt an Indie and what has evolved into The Indie Exchange.  I saw a tweet with a suggestion to “Adopt an Indie” (and I still remember who sent the tweet, but I don’t think said tweeter is associated with TIE these days), and replied with, “Do I have to adopt one, or can I just foster a couple?” I ended up “adopting” four authors for the event, as well as writing a guest post. I have since learned that indie authors are like cats: You adopt a few and it doesn’t take long for all the others to find you. I’ve made some great friends along the way, though, so I think I’ll keep them. As long as I don’t have to clean up after them. Continue reading

Recipe: Egg & Hashbrown Casserole

I haven’t posted a recipe in a long time, and after spending all day fighting with computers in one way or another, my brain is not up to writing a review, so you get a recipe! I know. It’s so exciting! Hey, try to keep it down over there.

As far as I know, this is my own creation. I cobbled it together from a Pampered Chef recipe and several recipes I found online (because I didn’t have the correct ingredients for any of the recipes).

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#BlogFlash2012 Day 27: History

I love history. Real history, not memorizing meaningless dates from a textbook.

I’ve always loved listening to older people talk about the way things were “back then”. I love reading memoirs written by those who grew up in a time I can only read about and imagine.

I love historical fiction. Someone who has much more patience than I ever could takes a real event (or events) that I may have never even heard of, throws in a few fictional characters, and suddenly history is alive for me in a way it never was in school.


BlogFlash2012 is hosted by Terri Giuliano Long.

Are you playing along? Feel free to leave your link in the comments below.

Labor Day Blogfest and Book Fair – Free books and Chance at $200 Cash

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In honor of Melynda Fleury’s close call to losing her eyesight because of diabetes, Wayman Publishing is throwing a Blogfest and Book Fair Giveaway during the week of Labor Day. ALL ENTRANTS will have unlimited access to download any of Wayman Publishing’s Top 10 Books during the following dates:  Sept 2 through Sept 4 (direct link will be provided to all entrants on Sept 1st).  In addition, Mommy Blog Designs, the blog designer with an AWESOME reputation for her service and blog designs throughout the blogosphere, has also agreed to contribute one of her Premade Designs with full package ($269 Value) for FREE to one lucky winner!  PLUS, we are also giving away $200 paypal cash! Continue reading

Retiring Pampered Chef Products (Spring/Summer 2012)

I wasn’t planning on posting anything like this again, but I’m getting a lot of search hits on my post from last year, so apparently people are looking for this information. If you currently have a Pampered Chef consultant, please contact her (or him) for your purchases. If you do not currently have a consultant, I will be happy to help you. Leave a comment with a way to contact you or use my Contact Form on the About Page. I do have a website, but I can not post the link here. I can send it privately, though.

These products will only be available while supplies last through August 31, 2012. There are no discounts on retiring products. Continue reading