Retiring Pampered Chef Products (Spring/Summer 2012)

I wasn’t planning on posting anything like this again, but I’m getting a lot of search hits on my post from last year, so apparently people are looking for this information. If you currently have a Pampered Chef consultant, please contact her (or him) for your purchases. If you do not currently have a consultant, I will be happy to help you. Leave a comment with a way to contact you or use my Contact Form on the About Page. I do have a website, but I can not post the link here. I can send it privately, though.

These products will only be available while supplies last through August 31, 2012. There are no discounts on retiring products.

Pastry Blender (being restyled)
The Pampered Chef® Season’s Best® Recipe Collection (Spring/Summer 2012)
Digital Pocket Thermometer
Chef’s Tools — Ladle
3″ Paring Knife with Honing Case
5″ Utility Knife with Honing Case
8″ Chef’s Knife with Honing Case
Quikut Paring Knives (Set of 3) (Current Cranberry and White set) – this season’s knives will be Tangerine
Adjustable Tiered Tower (Ceramic) – the new Tiered Tower will be glass
Cake Pedestal
Wine Bottle Opener (being restyled)
1-2-3 Dip! Gift Set
Grill It! BBQ Tool Set
Grill It! BBQ Pizza Set
Soft-Tip Cleaning Brushes (current color) – they will now be available in Tangerine and white
Glass Cleaning Brush (current color) – will now be available in Tangerine and white
Twixit! Clip Combo Pack (Cranberry, White) – will now be available in Tangerine and white
Deep Covered Baker Dinner Set
Skillet Dinner Set
Grill Pan Dinner Set
Manual Food Processor Set
Chili Pepper Sauce
Maple Honey Mustard Sauce
Creole Rub
Spinach & Smoky Red Pepper Oil Dipping Seasoning
Lemon & Rosemary Oil Dipping Seasoning
Ginger Wasabi Sauce
Moroccan Rub
Round-Up from the Heart® 2011 Trivet
Large Rectangular Platter with Handles (Simple Additions)
Large Round Platter (Simple Additions)