#BlogFlash2012 Day 5: Frustration

I’m gonna need a bigger ax.

If you read yesterday’s BlogFlash post, then you already know where this is going.

I got a new laptop for my birthday Friday. I decided to format my 8-year-old Dell laptop for my older son to use. He already uses it for school-work anyway. It had never been formatted. Formatting and reloading Windows XP went fine. I loaded all the drivers from Dell’s handy disk and loaded the drivers for the wireless adapter. Hours of Google searches later, still no internet connection. It finally occurred to us to hook it up right to the wall. Update Windows and fix everything. Or not. We’re about to just go buy the boy a cheap laptop to use for school-work and writing.

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Review and Giveaway: The Courtship of Two Doctors

Book description:

From a private collection of nearly 800 courtship letters, the daughter of two remarkable physicians has crafted a timeless valentine to long-lasting love and the healing profession. Senior medical students from New Orleans and Omaha meet in 1937 and begin a two-year correspondence across 1,100 miles. They set their sights on a return to Mayo Clinic, the medical mecca where they found each other and danced to the haunting Harbor Lights. Grave illness and career setbacks shake their confidence, but the two decide to face an uncertain future together, trusting in each other and the relationship they built letter by letter. The Courtship of Two Doctors recreates the medical era before antibiotics, when health workers were at risk of serious infection, and vividly illustrates the 1930s social barriers challenging two-career marriages. Continue reading