#BlogFlash2012 Day 10: Success

I can’t decide whether I want to talk about long-term success in life, or day-to-day successes. Hmm…

We all have different ideas of what long-term success looks like, but I believe we should celebrate all of our “little” successes. When you get 100 blog followers, or sell 100 books, instead of wishing you had more, stop and celebrate. Then plan for your next goal so you can celebrate your next level of success. 🙂

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My Blogger Interview for Read, Write, Give

Okay, so it only took me almost a week to mention this. It’s been a hectic week, what with throwing laptops out the window* and losing all my data from my external hard drive. Something good happened this week, though! On Sunday, I was featured on Read, Write, Give at The Art and Craft of Writing Creatively. Read, Write, Give is the lovely brainchild of Terri Giuliano Long. Each week, Terri features a book blogger. Each blogger chooses a charity, and Terri donates $50 to the charity. So go read my interview and see which charity I chose. You might learn something new about me. 🙂 You can even nominate your (other) favorite book blogger to be featured. 😉

*No laptops have actually been  thrown out windows. Yet.

Review and Amazon GC Giveaway: Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar

Book description:
Cora Flash is ecstatic when she finally convinces her mom to let her take a train ride by herself to visit a relative in the mountains. Once on board, Cora meets a cast of intriguing characters, and stumbles upon her very own mystery: A valuable diamond has gone missing, and only one of her fellow travellers could have stolen it. It’s up to our novice detective to solve the crime before the train reaches its destination – or the thief reaches Cora. This is the first book in the ‘Cora Flash’ series. Continue reading

Guest Post: The Story behind this Real-Life Story by Phil Jourdan

Please enjoy this guest post by Phil Jourdan, author of the touching memoir, Praise of Motherhood. Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including $500 in Amazon gift cards and 5 autographed copies of the book.


Back in late 2009, when I began working on Praise of Motherhood, I had envisioned a book very different from what I ended up submitting to my publisher. I’d just lost the woman who’d raised me, and when I wasn’t sitting around numb and brooding, I was frantically trying to contain the universe of loss and suffering in a single Word document on my laptop.

I wanted to write a book that expressed the impossibility of letting go. We’re often told, when someone close to us dies, that we have to move on, that things will get better. I couldn’t accept this back then: I didn’t think it was possible to let go of my mother, who had been so patient and kind during my weird teenage years. Continue reading