Kid Quotes (8/18)

This morning, while I was buttoning his shorts, I gave Bennett a kiss on the cheek.
“Careful, Mama, I’m sensibiv.”
“You’re sensitive?”
“Yeah, I have a broken bone in my belly button.”

Jeffrey and I get fever blisters. We make every effort to make sure that Bennett doesn’t. Jeffrey is a little anxious about it, so of course, this has made Bennett anxious about it. Bennett had a “doggie box” from the restaurant in the fridge. He was hungry, and I was in the middle of something so I told him to ask Jeffrey to get his box for him.
The poor child was distressed. “But my box is going to have a fever blister!” Continue reading

Bookseller Deals (8/18)

I used to have a page for the current sales and deals, but I had trouble keeping it current, and I don’t think many people really knew it was there. This way, I can post once and forget about it. So I’m going to *try* to post once a week with the current sales, especially as we creep up on gift-giving season.

Kobo books

Back To School Offer – Good through 8/20
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Ebook Giveaway: Daughter of the Goddess by Rita J. Webb

Book description:
The Heart.
The God of Love seeks a bride who is pure in heart and full of life—full of soul. Instead of a woman, he finds a child with laughter in her heart. Waiting for her to grow up, he befriends her, pretending to be nothing more than a blue-eyed boy with wild, tangled hair.

The Soul.
Left on the temple doorstep, a young girl turns the lives of the priestesses upside down . . . until one summer day before her eighteenth birthday, a traveling oracle tells her she is to marry a stranger in a foreign land.

The Nightmare.
An ancient demon—half-man, half-snake—wants to destroy anything the gods love. When she was a child, he haunted her dreams, but now he stalks her across the countryside. If he catches her, he’ll devour her. Continue reading

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Destiny of Shaitan eBooks and Amazon Gift Card

YA Forever by Laxmi Hariharan

My sister-in-law turned to me, “When Naman married you I thought you might lick him into shape. Little did I realise he was marrying someone just like himself.” She was of course referring to the—happy to spend life in pursuing my dreams— traveler who never wanted to settle down in one place—me.

Coming from a conservative South-Indian family in suburban Bombay, my biggest fear as a teen was to be ‘trapped’ in an arranged marriage. I always knew that I would wait till I found the one. A partner who would accept me for what I am. A free spirit—an easy rider kind of person. So, when my then to-be-husband woke up one morning and didn’t blink at my “Uh! How about we just spend the day walking around Singapore, doing nothing… just being?” I knew that was him. Continue reading