#BlogFlash2012 Day 9: Journey

If this were a music blog, I could write about Journey’s greatest hits.

If it were a travel blog, I could write about the journeys I’ve taken in the past few months: Georgia to Arkansas, Arkansas to Missouri, Arkansas to Georgia. Okay, so I write about about those a little here anyway.

I think my most important journey in the past year is one of self-discovery. Or self-REcovery. For many years, I forgot who I was inside, and I’m still on the edge of learning about myself again. I’m learning to be confident in my talents and abilities. I’m learning that I have talents and abilities. This journey will never end, but I do hope it gets easier with more practice.

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Phil Jourdan: Author Interview and Amazon GC Giveaway

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1. Who was your mother?

Hey, perhaps the obvious thing is that she was the single greatest person in my life–a woman who set everything aside to help me when I went through a few rocky years, a lover of animals and nature, a professor of mathematics and computer science who worked because she needed something to do…

She was that lady who’d bring clothes out to the homeless people in the streets when it was cold. She spoke Portuguese, French, English, and Russian fluently. She took people into her life and made them stronger, happier. She drove very carefully.

She was one person among many to die from something as trivial and terrible as an aneurysm; just one out of all the people who died on November 11th, 2009, for no reason, and without saying goodbye to any of us.

And, now, she’s the subject of my book. Continue reading