100% Rebate Offer for Pampered Chef Business Kit

My kids have VBS this week, and between getting up early, and getting up early (I can do late nights; mornings do me in) I’m not being a very good blogger this week. And now it’s storming, my battery only has about 30 minutes left, and my brain is fried. Just bear with me through this week. I promise to do better next week. 🙂

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Retiring Pampered Chef Products (Fall/Winter 2012)

As my post from six months ago is still one of my most viewed posts, I’m going to assume that you really want this information. As long as readers are still looking for it, I’ll keep posting it. 🙂 I am a Pampered Chef consultant but I am not allowed to a link to my website here. You can contact me for the website or you can join my private Facebook group. I post specials, tips, and recipes. (And I can post the link to my site there.)

The following Pampered Chef products will be available through Feb 28, 2013 (while supplies last). Continue reading

Retiring Pampered Chef Products (Spring/Summer 2012)

I wasn’t planning on posting anything like this again, but I’m getting a lot of search hits on my post from last year, so apparently people are looking for this information. If you currently have a Pampered Chef consultant, please contact her (or him) for your purchases. If you do not currently have a consultant, I will be happy to help you. Leave a comment with a way to contact you or use my Contact Form on the About Page. I do have a website, but I can not post the link here. I can send it privately, though.

These products will only be available while supplies last through August 31, 2012. There are no discounts on retiring products. Continue reading