Still Using Google Reader? It’s Time to Find a New Way to Follow.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that on July 1, Google Reader will be no more. Just in case you need a reminder, here it is. 🙂 There are several ways to follow this blog, and you can find those on the right-hand sidebar. If you prefer a reader format, and haven’t found one yet, there are a few services that others have recommended. I don’t know which works best, because I don’t use a reader. Also, which is best is probably going to depend on personal preference.

Google suggested Google Takeout for exporting your Reader information. (You may not need this. It’s just FYI.)

Links to follow with all these methods can be found to the right.

Linky Followers has a Blog Reader, but it’s a bit unwieldy.

Bloglovin’ doesn’t seem to be much better.

If you’re on Facebook, NetworkedBlogs seems to have a pretty good reader. Everyone may not be on it, but you can add a blog, even if you’re not the owner.

Feedly is a popular reader, and you can import your Google Reader information.

I prefer to follow via Facebook and/or Twitter. There are a handful of blogs that I really don’t want to miss, so I subscribe via email to those, but my inbox is full enough, so I’m stingy with my email subscriptions. Whatever you choose, make sure you switch. I don’t want to lose anyone!

Were you using Google Reader? What did you switch to?