TOS Review: Supercharged Science

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This product was so much fun to review! e-Science from Supercharged Science makes science fun and interesting. Aurora Lipper is literally a rocket-scientist who manages to make science concepts easy for everyone to understand. Her step-by-step videos guide you through setting up the experiment, and then you can use the text of the lesson to explore the “hows” and “whys”. After you’ve played for a while.

If you’re using another curriculum or wonder how e-Science will fit into your state’s standards, they have a fabulous resource on their website, where you can find out how this program can work for you. They do not teach creation science in any form, so whatever your views on evolution, you need not worry that e-Science will be teaching something you do not believe in.

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What it will do is give you an excuse to play with the kids while they’re learning stuff. There are 18 units, but to keep new subscribers from feeling overwhelmed, you only have access to a few units when you first sign up. You’ll get two more units each month. If you need a unit you do not yet have access to, you only have to send an email and they’ll unlock it for you, with no problems.

Lesson plans and shopping lists are provided for each unit. For many of the experiments, you only need items you already have at home. There are over 900 experiments, along with quizzes, data lab sheets, and everything you need to teach science to your kids. You or your kids can ask questions about the experiments or lessons and Aurora is quick to answer.

Now for the fun stuff. The first thing the boys wanted to do was build a catapult. We didn’t have all the stuff yet to build the big catapult, so we built the simple one.

You can see that wasn’t a huge success. But they figured out that if they held it differently, it would work differently, and then Jeffrey (11) went on to build a rocket out of that toilet paper tube.

So we built the fancy catapult.

2013-04-11 20.18.51

Which worked much better.

We played with magnets. We experimented with balloons and static, shoes and friction (no pictures of that one because my house looked like a shoe store exploded), and so many other fun things that I can’t even name them all.

Bennett was fascinated that the magnets would attract each other through his hand.

Bennett was fascinated that the magnets would attract each other through his hand.

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A “flying” paper clip.


How to get it

The K-8 Level plan is $37/month.

The K-12 Level plan is $57/month and includes the material in the K-8 Level.



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