TOS Review: Dr. Crafts Active Play Book (Preschool)

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Today I’m reviewing Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Young Children from Dr. Craft’s Active Play Books. The Active Play book contains 52 activities for preschoolers and toddlers, including ideas for children with special needs.  Children learn important skills such as jumping, kicking, catching, throwing, and balance, all while having fun in entertaining “no-loser” games. These activities are all about getting kids moving, not about winners and losers.

The activities use items that most homes or daycares will already have on hand. I even had pretty much everything needed, and I’m still in the midst of setting up a household.

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The book includes:

  • A DVD with instructions for several games
  • A Game Finder so you can find games that focus on specific skills
  • Physical activities for young children
  • Physical activities for infants and toddlers
  • Physical activities for school-aged children
  • Physical activities for families
  • 20-week physical activity curriculum (using the activities in the book)

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