A-Z Challenge: Curiosity



For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. If you want to see the other 1,800+(!) blogs, check it out here.


Ever stop in the middle of an action movie to have a conversation with your eleven-year-old about incorporation, trademarks, and patents? Happens here all the time. Okay, maybe not that exact conversation, but we end up on some interesting rabbit trails.

Last night, while watching Iron Man (BTW, isn’t Tony Stark in remarkably good shape for being stuck in a bed for three months? Where did all those muscles come from?) , we had to pause at the end of the scene at the fundraiser.  Jeffrey wanted to know why Stark couldn’t do anything to stop what the company was doing. (Trying not to post any spoilers, although the movie is five years old.) Which led to a discussion about injunctions,  lawsuits, incorporating, Boards of Directors, company presidents and infrastructure, Wal-mart coming from Sam Walton’s name, trademarks, copyright (and that everything I write on my blog is copyrighted, so no stealing my brilliance, yo), and patents. Which eventually led to him describing this intricate, yet never-to-be-realized-because-just-trust-me-on-this, machine, and asking, “So I wouldn’t copyright that; I’d patent it, right?”



After a bit of silence, in which it seems that all the questions have dried up – for now, “Are you ready to turn the movie back on?”

“Hmmm. Yeah. I think so.”

And that is how we watch action movies in our house.

P.S. Speaking of curiosity: Why do filmmakers put scenes after the credits? If we hadn’t been having a discussion of the Marvel Universe and letting the movie run, we would never have known how the Avengers team got started.