A-Z Challenge: Office Space



Office Space (one of my decluttering reports)

No, not that Office Space (though I do have a Swingline stapler – it’s black, though). My new office space. I not only have to have my desk in my room, but desks for both boys. There just isn’t room anywhere else in the house without putting one desk in each room, and I can’t help them with their work or supervise their computer time that way. So three desks and a printer table have to fit in there. So far, we’re up to two desks. I still have to get Jeffrey a desk. We have one picked out, but I don’t have room for it yet. Here’s what the space looks like so far. I’m not sure I took a picture of that corner in my “before” pictures, but you can see part of that area in the other pictures.

2013-04-17 17.32.43


This is part of the same wall. The outlet that you see on the right side of the bottom pic is between the table and the school desk in the top pic.

2013-03-24 17.17.21


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Literary Addicts Weekly Meme Week of 4/17



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This is ONE bookcase of books. The white stripe behind it is a 6-foot bookcase half-full of books. There is another 6-foot bookcase next to it half-full of books. That box in the floor is full of books. (I found it as I was moving boxes around to have room to take the picture. I also found three more boxes a few minutes later.)

2013-04-17 15.56.49