A-Z Challenge: Kid Quotes




Kid Quotes

Every now and then, I post some of the fabulous things my kids say. Jeffrey is 11 and Bennett is 4.

B: Nobody cooks bones.
J: Old people did it back in the sixties.

Bennett was drawing on his whiteboard when he asked me, “Did I spell a vertical line?”

B: I’m never going to eat peanut butter on a spoon again. It hurts my mouth… Maybe when I’m five… Or eighteen… Or nine.

J: How does Emily Elizabeth clean up Clifford’s poop?

One day Bennett was playing with an app on my phone. When he asked me, “What letters are in milk?” I expected to have to help him out with a vowel. He hasn’t really learned vowel sounds yet. What I saw was this. Silly boy.

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TOS Book Review: The Martyr’s Victory ~ A Story of Danish England

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This review for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew is probably the easiest I’ve written thus far. Book reviews are what I do. 😉 This particular book is part of the Church History series from Salem Ridge Press. I read The Martyr’s Victory, but there are twelve titles in the series. All the books were written by Emma Leslie in the late 1800s. You can read more about the series (as opposed to the individual books) here.