A-Z Challenge: X-Men and Xtreme Scheduling


X-Men and Xtreme Scheduling

Oh, hush. The end of the alphabet is full of hard letters. Just wait for Z.

It seems like we’re all always running full-tilt, with 100 things on our to-do list and never any downtime. As a single mom to two boys, one with special needs, I almost feel like I can never stop or the world will stop spinning. But deep down, I know that’s not really true. So I recently started working out again. That’s my time. I’ve also started watching more movies with the boys. We don’t have cable TV, but I have a Blockbuster-by-mail subscription. I picked that over Netflix because Blockbuster has Pokemon, and I won’t go into how important that is to my kids. My normal MO is to just put kid stuff in the rental queue and do something else while they’re watching a DVD. Lately, though, I’ve been watching movies with them. Two to three nights a week, depending on how our mailing schedule ends up, after supper, we’ll turn off the computers, put down the books, and go snuggle and watch a movie.

It’s not just mindless screen time – although we all need some mindless something time sometimes – but we frequently stop the movie to have discussions in the middle. Or after the movie. Sometimes it’s about the actual movie. Sometimes it’s about a related book, and sometimes it’s a discussion about a new idea for another movie we want to watch.

We just watched all the Marvel Universe Phase One movies. We can’t go any further with that until Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World come out on DVD and that’s going to be a while. So I just added all the Marvel movies (scroll down to the bottom to see the complete list) to our queue. Including all the X-Men movies. (Not the Blade or Punisher movies, though, because those are rated R.)  So while I can’t really do anything about all the things that need to be done, I can still take some time from my “xtreme” schedule and hang out with my kids.


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