“Know Me Better” Round 1

I do have original thoughts in my head, but they’re kind of weird sometimes, so I occasionally steal borrow ideas from others. Kathy over at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer posted something fun today, so I thought I’d join her. Each week, she’ll pick five questions from her author-interview list and answer them for her readers. I think it sounds like a great way for readers to get to know the bloggers. (And it gives me something else to post about to meet my self-imposed goal of one post every day for a year.)

Know Me Better 10/6 Questions
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint chocolate chip, with Rocky Road running a close second

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns (with cheese and salsa) Yeah, probably not the healthiest meal of the day.

Night owl, or early bird? I’d have to say night owl since I don’t believe humans should be awake before 7am.

One food you would never eat? I hesitate to say “Never” because I’m sure the degree of never-ness goes down as the degree of really-hungry-ness goes up. But for right now, I’d have to say asparagus.

Skittles or M&Ms;? Seriously? M&Ms; are made of chocolate. Skittles are made of rainbows. Which would you rather eat?