Sunday Summary

Recap of last week
Winter Light: A Christian’s Search for Humility 
I had planned to review Secrets of the Vine for Women: Breaking Through to Abundance (Breakthrough Series). It’s an excellent book, but I just couldn’t think of enough to say about it to write a review. I’ll marinate on it and may post a review in a week or so.

Speaking of reviews, I finally have a rating system in place. It will henceforth reside on the sidebar for easy reference.
5 Stars: Great book! Everyone should read this!  – Because sometimes books are just that awesome.

4.5 Stars: Great book! For specific audiences. – Whether it’s targeted to women, Christians, young adults, or horror fans, some books are great, but not for everyone.

4 Stars: Good book. Worth your time. – May not ever be a best-seller, but still worth reading.

3 Stars: Okay book. Just not for me. – There’s nothing specific wrong with the book. It just wasn’t my type of book. Obviously, I try not to read those for review, but it happens.

2 Stars: Run away quickly. – Pretty self-explanatory.

1 Star: It really can’t get any worse than “Run away quickly”. – Just because I needed another rating to round it out. There won’t actually be any one-star books.

Now I have something else to add to my reviews as I go through tagging them. I’m trying to make reviews easier to find on my blog, and I’ll let you know if when I finish that little project.

Stephanie D. won To Be Perfectly Honest by Phil Callaway in the “Make It Mine” Monday drawing. Congratulations, Stephanie! Thanks to everyone who entered!

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is still underway. You can win What About the Boy? A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son by Stephen Gallup. This is an amazing story. You don’t want to miss this if you are a parent, especially if you have a child with special needs. Just how far will parents go to see that their childs’ needs are met? Drawing closes at midnight Oct 19. (Or when I get up the next morning.)

Sneak peek at next week
Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev
A Sound Among Trees by Susan Meissner
The Only Way to Paradise by G. G. Vandagriff

Tomorrow’s “Make It Mine” Monday book will be Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Voting is open for a few more hours if you want to vote for a different book.