Moo Mini-cards

A month or so ago, I ran across the Klout website. It’s supposed to be a way to measure an individual or brand’s “influence” on the internet (and thus the marketplace). So along with the fun of saying you have a high Klout score (which most people haven’t heard of, which therefore ruins any status you may have thought you acquired by having said high Klout score), you can occasionally get free or discounted stuff through the Klout Perks program. Presumably so you’ll share how wonderful said stuff is to your networks.

I had been considering making some cards with my blog(s) info on it so when I ran into someone who was interested, I could just give them a card. (I also wanted something to give to other homeschool and/or special needs moms I ran into at the park or wherever.) So when I saw that one of the Klout Perks was a pack of Moo Mini-cards* free (just pay shipping), I thought, “Why not?” I got over there and it was even cooler than I expected.

First, the mini-cards are SO stinkin’ cute! They’re half the size of a regular business card, so they’re just little fellas.

And you’re not just sticking a logo and some contact info on the card and calling it a day. You can if you want to be boring professional, I guess. You get to print on both sides of the cards! So you can put your logo or your own design or choose one of their designs from a huge portfolio for the back of the card. Then you can personalize the front with your info, including the text and background color. Mine is purple with white text. Just because I could.

And you can choose as many designs for the backs of your cards as you want. I think I picked around 30 different designs for mine. Here’s a sample of just a few. I’m not showing the front of the card because as much as I like you, I’m not sharing my phone number on here. 🙂

You’d never guess purple is my favorite color. I’m so mysterious.

*disclosure: this is my referral link – if you use this link to make a purchase, I will receive a discount on my next purchase