How Did Halloween Get So Complicated?

When Bennett told me he wanted to be a bunny for Halloween, I was sure the easy (and cheap) way to do it was to get some bunny ears, some sweats, a little face paint, and we’re ready to go. One, maybe two stores, and we’ve got it all wrapped up, right? Not so much.

The bunny ears:
We ended up going to eleven stores to find bunny ears. We hit ten in one day, then my best friend told me that her Wal-Mart had bunny ears. I don’t like Wal-Mart, for a variety of reasons, and I hadn’t been in one in over a year. But I had already checked all the other department stores, a Halloween store, Party City, and Toys R Us. Obviously, Wal-Mart had bought all the bunny ears. (I didn’t check craft stores, although that was next if I couldn’t find any. I was going to attempt to make some. That would have been an interesting post. We went in JoAnn today and there were the bunny ears – but we already had those.)

Ears, tail, and bowtie: $5
The little fella with his bunny ears on: priceless (and cute!)

The sweats:
One of the things we were looking for during the Day O’ Shopping was sweats. I didn’t find any anywhere, even Wal-Mart when we finally made it there. Today, I went to our consignment shop, Target, Kohl’s, and JoAnn. I would have tried a thrift store, but the only ones I could think of are all about 20 minutes away and not on a road I want to be on during Friday afternoon traffic. I did find him some gray sweat pants at Target. I couldn’t find a plain sweat shirt anywhere. The ones I did find had logos on them. I may have to go back and get one of those if I can find one without a sewn-in logo, so it doesn’t show when I turn it. Several people told me to try craft stores. We have a JoAnn, a Michael’s, and a Hobby Lobby, but the JoAnn is close to the Target so I tried there first. Oodles of t-shirts, but no sweat shirts except for a handful of hoodies. Why is this such an issue? Shouldn’t it be easy to find something as basic as a plain sweat shirt?

The face paint:
Some of the places we went didn’t even have any, even with their Halloween stuff. The ones that did had way too many colors or the wrong ones. I only need pink for his nose and either gray or black for whiskers. White will work, too. Jeffrey doesn’t like things on his skin, so I only need enough for Bennett, and it won’t last until next year, so I don’t need a lot. I finally found some at JoAnn. And it wasn’t even with the holiday items. The face paint in that section was too many colors in too large amounts for too much money for what we needed. I happened to spot some face paint as we were walking out the door. They had these cool crayon-type things in packs of five. The one that had pink also had several other colors I wouldn’t need unless he decided to be a clown-bunny. The pack with black and white didn’t have pink. I was not going to buy ten crayons when I only need two. I finally ended up getting a pack with black. I couldn’t figure out how to do black with my makeup so I need that one. He’s getting a lipstick nose. I never wear the stuff anyway.

Is it Thanksgiving yet?