Random Kid Stuff

I’m tagging my book reviews and ran across this in my “drafts”. Apparently, I was collecting stuff the kids said/did from facebook. Guess I’ll publish it before it rolls around to a year old.Jeffrey said, “Bennett is putting my trousers on his head.” Trousers? What’s that kid been reading?
January 12 at 11:33am

Have you seen the “Cool Tricks” segment on Yo Gabba Gabba where the kid sticks a spoon on his nose? Bennett just fished a spoon out of the drawer & is walking around holding it on his nose. LOL
January 6

I was sitting in the living room, watching TV with Bennett when he ran into the kitchen and came back with the milk jug. Think that’s a hint? LOL
January 8

Waiting in line at the RiteAid drive-thru window this AM…
Jeffrey: Can’t you just go to one of the machines?
Me: We’re not at the bank. We’re at the drugstore.
Jeffrey: Drugstore? There’s a store that sells drugs? I thought drugs were bad for you.
Me: They don’t sell illegal drugs. But… well… most drugs aren’t really good for you, but the drugs they sell here are legal drugs.
Jeffrey: Well, I knew that. If they sold illegal drugs, they would have been closed years ago. He gets me every time.
December 29

Sunday Summary

Recap of last week
I reviewed Waking Hours and jesus freakz + buddha punks.

Renee W. won The Skin Map in the “Make It Mine” Monday drawing. Congratulations, Renee! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sneek peek at next week
Winter Light: A Christian’s Search for Humanity by Bruce Ray Smith
Secrets of the Vine for Women by Darlene Marie Wilkinson
A Sound Among Trees by Susan Meissner

Tomorrow’s “Make It Mine” Monday book will be To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man’s Year of Almost Living Truthfully Could Change Your Life. No Lie. by Phil Callaway. There are still a few hours left to vote, so if you want to different book, now’s the time to tell me about it. The poll is at the top of the sidebar.

October 15-19, I’ll be participating in a giveaway hop hosted by Judith at Leeswammes’ Blog. I’m giving away What About the Boy?: A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son by Stephen Gallup.