Is Requiring “Follows” or “Likes” to Enter a Contest a Good Idea?

I’ve recently developed a new pet peeve. Blogs that host drawings and require entrants to either “follow” the blog or “like” the Facebook page in order to enter. If the blog is interesting to me, it’s not a big deal. If it’s not a blog that interests me, I do one of two things:
If it’s a low-value prize, I click out and move on.
If it’s something like a $25+ gift card to Amazon (or a Kindle!), I’ll go ahead and follow, but I’ll probably never go back to read the blog. And hiding pages on my Facebook newsfeed works really well.

I have two goals for my book giveaways. 1) Get rid of the books that are accumulating in the corner of the room, and 2) bring more readers to my blog. Readers, not just followers. I would rather grow my blog slowly (or top out somewhere below one million followers if necessary) than have 10,000 Facebook fans, but only 1,000 readers. Numbers are great, and it’s awesome to see those numbers rise, but I’d rather have repeat visitors, and visitors who land here for one post and stick around to read one or two more.

That’s why following my blog or liking my Facebook page are not requirements for entering my drawings. Or subscribing to my RSS Feed, or posting the contest to your Facebook page. I think sometimes, the promotion aspect can go too far. Also, I can’t verify if someone has subscribed via RSS or posted on a private fb page. Since I can’t verify it, it doesn’t seem fair to my other readers to allow those as entries. I wonder if other some of these other bloggers have considered that?

I really would like some input on this one. Is it just me that finds this too pushy? If you enter blog drawings, do these requirements bother you at all? I’d like to hear from any bloggers who host drawings, as well. Do you think enough of the people who follow you because of drawings stick around, to make it worthwhile? I’m not trying to be mean. I’m really curious.