Gummy Worms > Squid

I have six books already read and ready for review, so next week I’ll have to play “catch-up”. Today, it’s hot, and I’m lazy, so you get a couple of Bennett stories, and a Jeffrey joke.

Jay asked Bennett if he wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant and eat squid. Apparently, not: “Daddy! I don’t like squid! I like gummy worms!”

Bennett asked if he could touch my glasses. I told him no, because we have to be careful with glasses.
B: I might cut myself on it?
Me: Well, no. Not unless they’re broken. Then you might. But our fingers have oil on them and it gets on my glasses and it makes them dirty and I can’t see.
He looked at his fingers: Oil?
Me: Yeah. You can’t see it.
B, jumping up: I have to wash my hands!
Me: Well, you can’t really wash it all off. It comes from your body. It’s just part of you. That’s why you leave fingerprints on the mirror.
So he had to run to the mirrored closet door and see if he could make fingerprints. He did and it apparently disturbed him, because he told me again, “I have to wash my hands!” I finally convinced him that in this case, it wasn’t necessary. Now I have to clean the fingerprints off the mirror. ­čśë

Jeffrey’s latest joke:
What do you call a religious giraffe?
A high priest.