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Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews – Book Review

I’ve actually had this book since April. Like many reviewers, I tend to have a shelf full of books waiting to be read. It looked like a good book; I just never got around to it. My books are somewhat in the order in which I received them, but sometimes I want to read a book on my personal TBR list or I need to switch to a new genre for a break or a book just looks really interesting and I move other stuff back.

At the library one day, I was checking out the Bestsellers list while waiting in line and saw that Summer Rental was #14 (it eventually made it all the way to #5) and decided that it should be the next book I read. That was a couple weeks ago. I’m a bit behind on reviews.
Summer Rental
Yes, there was a point to all that rambling. (Sort of.) I wish I hadn’t waited so long to read this book! Summer Rental is a story of three childhood friends, now in their early 30’s, who rent a house together for one month for some long-overdue girls-only time. Between the time Ellis, Julia, and Dorie plan the vacation and when it actually happens, the lives of all three women change and when they come together, they are all at a crossroad with heavy decisions to be made.

Then there’s Ty, the cute guy next door who has some pretty serious problems of his own. Into the midst of all this  upheaval (and a budding romance), comes Maryn. Her issues make the other problems look mild in comparison.

It’s fun reading the interaction between life-long friends, and the banter between Ellis and Ty is so funny. Throughout the book, we get to watch as new friendships blossom, old ones are strengthened, and love sneaks up on two unsuspecting people.

Content warning: There is a flashback scene that includes incest and sex with children.

I won this book in a Goodreads First-Reads giveaway.