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Fairer than Morning (A Saddler's Legacy Novel)I’m giving away a copy of Fairer Than Morning (Saddler’s Legacy #1) by Rosslyn Elliott. (Sorry, US only) Just leave a comment. Make sure that you leave an email address or that I can contact you through your profile. After you enter my drawing, be sure to go enter the 275 other drawings. (That’s a whole lotta books.)

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Hi-Ho Cheerios

Ever had one of those days when everything just gets away from you and you can’t figure out exactly what happened? I had one of those today. I have a long list of things that should be done today, some of which really needed to be done today, like mailing a book sold on eBay. Somehow, none of it got done today. Which means I’ll be giving a discount on shipping for that book. But Bennett is battling a cold, which always makes children, oh, so pleasant. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so that pretty much threw off our day anyway. Then Bennett and I spent the afternoon working puzzles and playing Hi-Ho Cheerios so Jeffrey could do his schoolwork without hearing, “Jeppy, come play with me!” every few minutes. (And no, I didn’t misspell that. If you’re playing with Bennett, you’re not playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O. You’re playing Hi-Ho Cheerios.)
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Being behind also means that I haven’t publicized my book giveaway this week. So your chances are pretty good. Go enter to win a free book.

*Closed* “Make It Mine” Monday – The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills Book Giveaway

This week’s book is The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills by Joanna Pearson.
The Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills
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If you missed my review of The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills, you can check it out now.

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Sunday Summary

A little preview of what’s coming this week. (I’m sure there will be at least one kid post in there somewhere as well.)


When Sparrows Fall: A Novel

When Sparrows Fall by Meg Moseley
The Leftovers by Tom Perotta
Seeing Ezra: A Mother’s Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of Normal by Kerry Cohen
What About the Boy?: A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son by Stephen Gallup
The Radial and Controversial Jesus by Alvin E. Miller

The Leftovers Seeing Ezra: A Mother's Story of Autism, Unconditional Love, and the Meaning of NormalWhat About the Boy?: A Father's Pledge to His Disabled SonThe Radical and Controversial Jesus

Make It Mine Monday: Right now there is a tie between Mine Is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs and The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills by Joanna Pearson. You can either vote on the home page or make me go “eeny miney moe”. Voting ends at midnight tonight.
Mine Is the Night: A NovelThe Rites and Wrongs of Janice Wills

September 1 (Thursday) is the first day of the Back to the Books Giveaway Hop hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and Buried in Books. I haven’t completely decided which book to giveaway. Either Fairer Than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott or To Be Perfectly Honest by Phil Callaway. I’m open to comments on that one, too.

To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man's Year of Almost Living Truthfully Could Change Your Life. No Lie.Fairer than Morning (A Saddler's Legacy Novel)

The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir – Book Review

Amazon summary

The Corruptible: A Ray Quinn MysteryHow much money would it take for you to betray the truth?
Ex-homicide detective Ray Quinn never had glamorous thoughts of the life of a private investigator—but being cornered in a bathroom stall by the enraged philandering husband of a client? That’s something he could live without. Retired from homicide and living with a painful disability, Ray’s options are limited. Stick to the job, keep impetuous sidekick Crevis alive, and spend quiet evenings with trusted pal Jim Beam, that’s about the best he can hope for.

As a new client emerges, Ray finds himself in an impossibly large boardroom holding a check with enough zeros to finally lift him from his financial pit. The job seems easy enough: find Logan Ramsey, an ex-cop turned security officer who’s taken off with sensitive corporate information. But few things are easy in Ray’s world, regardless of the amount of zeros in the check.

In what should be an open-and-shut case, Ray stumbles across Logan Ramsey in a seedy motel room. Only Ray wasn’t the first to find him. Now Logan’s dead, the client’s information is nowhere to be found, and Ray’s employer is less than forthcoming with the details. Suddenly the line between the good guys and bad guys isn’t so clear. With a foot in both worlds and an illuminating look at an unhappy ending that could well be his own, which will Ray choose?

My review
I liked this book, but not as much as the first one in the series, The Night Watchman. Apparently, there is some deficiency in my character because the main reason I prefer the first one is that Ray has mellowed a little and he doesn’t take quite as many verbal shots at Crevis in The Corruptible. This book is still funny and the crime/mystery aspect is very well done. I’m enjoying watching the relationships build between Ray, who would prefer to be on his own if everyone would just leave him alone, and Pam and Crevis. Ray is also creeping a little closer to God. Oh, and there is the ongoing email exchange with a South African spammer.

My favorite passage in the book is a conversation between Oscar, Ray’s former police chief, and Ray.
“I’ll be on my best behavior.” I raised my right hand.
“I don’t want your ‘best’ behavior,” he said. “I want better behavior. Much better. No tasering witnesses, impromptu wiretaps, hacking computers, or transporting prisoners in your trunk. You need to do everything right.”
I had forgotten about the prisoner in the trunk.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

About the book
Title: The Corruptible
Author: Mark Mynheir
Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing
Release date: April 5, 2011
Pages: 352
Where I got the book: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir – Book Review

Amazon summary

The Night Watchman (Ray Quinn Series, Book 1)Eleven months ago, Ray Quinn was a tough, quick-witted Orlando homicide detective at the top of his game–until a barrage of bullets ended his career…and his partner’s life.

Now medically retired with a painful handicap, Ray battles the haunting guilt for his partner’s death. Numbing the pain with alcohol and attitude, Ray takes a job as a night watchman at a swanky Orlando condo.

But when a pastor and an exotic dancer are found dead in one of the condos in an apparent murder-suicide, Ray can no longer linger in the shadows. The pastor’s sister is convinced her brother was framed and begs Ray to take on an impossible case–to challenge the evidence and clear her brother’s name.

Ray reluctantly pulls the threads of this supposedly dead-end case only to unravel a murder investigation so deep that it threatens to turn the Orlando political landscape upside down and transform old friends into new enemies. As Ray chases down leads and interrogates suspects, someone is watching his every move, someone determined to keep him from ever finding out the truth–at any cost.

My review
This is the first book in the Ray Quinn detective series. I received the second book from one of my review programs, so of course, I had to read the first one…first. I don’t usually review the preceding books in these situations, but I actually liked The Night Watchman better than The Corruptible, so I decided to post reviews for both.

This is a “Christian” book, but Ray Quinn isn’t the Christian. He’s more of a smart-alec, stand-on-your-own, rogue ex-cop. His way of coping with the tragedies in his life is to spend quality time with his buddy Jim. That would be his best friend, Jim Beam. 

His partner at work, and eventually in crime-solving, is the over-zealous Crevis.(Hey, I just realized that rhymes!) This is a well-written book, and I love a mystery that isn’t easy to figure out, but the best part of the book is the humor. I laughed my way through this book. There is a little sadness, as Ray shares about the death of his former partner, but that’s a small part. And most of the humor is at Crevis’s expense. Ray really isn’t the nicest guy on the block, but Mynheir writes in such a way that you have to love Ray anyway.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my review for the second book, The Corruptible.

About the book:
Title: The Night Watchman
Author: Mark Mynheir
Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing
Release date: May 5, 2009
Pages: 339
Where I got the book: Library

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My Multiple Intelligences Test Results

I recently read Holy Curiosity by Amy Hollingsworth. In this book, Amy reminds us that we all have God-given talents, and that talents are more than just painting or singing. Out of curiosity, I took the quiz in the back of her book, which is the Roberts Multiple Intelligences Quiz. Just for fun, I thought I’d share my results.

According to Roberts, the Intelligences are: Linguistic, Musical, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Naturalist. The high scores are the things in which you are really talented, things that come easily to you. (“Use with comfort and ease. Becoming an expert should be rewarding and fulfilling, and will require little effort.”) The medium scores are things at which you have to work a little harder, and the low scores are things you just need to leave alone. Okay, that’s not really what it says, but that’s what I say. LOL All are skills we can improve if we want to work on them. I’ve listed my results below from highest to lowest.

The only thing I scored “High” on was Linguistic. Linguistics enjoy reading and writing, word games, and foreign languages. Obviously, I enjoy writing. I did as a child, as well. I even wrote a book once as a project in the Gifted and Talented program. It was a sad little take-off of Underdog, called WonderDog. I’m sure my mother still has it stashed somewhere. I also wrote (not exceptionally well) for my high school newspaper. Eventually, though, I just stopped writing. I’ve only recently started again. I don’t know how I ever stopped. Now writing is a compulsion for me. I have to write something every day. (Again, not always well, but I hope I’m always improving.)
I love foreign languages. In high school, I took two years of Spanish and three years of French. (Yes, there was some overlap there, and believe me, that was a very confusing year.)

My next score was Intrapersonal. Intrapersonals are self-aware with strong opinions. Um, yeah. If you know me, you know that’s pretty accurate.

Logical-Mathematical: Honestly, I’m surprised this wasn’t higher. It was in the high range of my medium scores, but still lower than I expected.

Naturalist: In touch with nature. Also good planners and organizers of living areas (that’s probably what kept me from scoring higher on this one).

Spatial: Likes maps, charts, and diagrams

My low scores were not all surprising to me. They are the things that I already knew I was not good at.

Interpersonal: Exactly what it sounds like, and I am not good with people.

Musical: If you know me, this is not a big surprise.

Kinesthetic: Have good balance and coordination. Dancers and such. Yeah, that’s so not me.