Doesn’t “Pizza Crusting” Sound Yummy?

Quick Bennett update today before the storm moves in. I really need to start writing in the mornings.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t usually eat pizza crust, this morning, when I finished my pizza, he asked me, “Can I eat you crusting?” No, I don’t know why it was suddenly “crusting”. It’s always been crust before. I don’t question these things.

The other day our power went out. There was no storm; it just went out. Bennett decided he wanted something to drink. He ran for the fridge and I told him to wait and let me open it, because he likes to stand there with it open. I explained that with the power out, we needed to have the door closed as much as possible, so the cold air wouldn’t get out. He grabbed the door anyway, and when it opened, he exclaimed, “The ‘fridgerator DO work!”

Potty news warning.
We seem to be in the home stretch on this potty thing. After several false starts, Bennett has stayed dry for the past four days. He hasn’t quite mastered everything. He’s still scared to poop on the potty. But he asks for a diaper, and doesn’t go in his underwear. He also switches from diapers to underwear all day long, but he won’t go in the diaper. He’ll dance around like kids do, even if he’s wearing a diaper, but he’ll end up using the potty. I’m not real worried about him staying in diapers forever. He’ll either outgrow them (soon) or he’ll move on.

Of course, he has to wash his hands every time after he uses the bathroom. “I do it by myself!” This morning, he told me, “I have to wash the blue stuff off my hands.” I finally figured out “the blue stuff” are his blood vessels. I had to explain that those aren’t coming off. Neither is the birthmark on the back of his hand. I think we have a long 15 years ahead of us.