Deja Vu Again (And Again)

You know how kids will find something they like the sound of, and say it over and over until everyone is sick of hearing it? (Please tell me it’s not just my kids that do that.) Well, Bennett heard Jeffrey say, “Deja vu,” one day. Jeffrey knows what it means. Bennett doesn’t. Nor does he care. It’s become his default phrase. If you say something he doesn’t like (like “Don’t hit your brother.”), or something he doesn’t understand, or if he’s embarrassed, or if he just thinks he needs something to say, he says, “Deja vu.” Except that he can’t really pronounce it correctly, so it’s more like, “Debah boo.”

He’s gotten back into Blue’s Clues recently, so he’s been “skidoo-ing” all over the house.

He also loves Toy Story (except the parts in the first one with that future serial killer, Sid), but can’t get him to stop calling them all “Toy Story 3”. Makes it a little hard to figure out which one he wants to watch.

He’s still working on finding the correct word for things. You know how little ones mix stuff up. (And I know that’s not just my kids.) He was trotting around the house one day with his little flashlight. When I asked what he was doing, he told me, “I’m finding for my ball.”

Something just occurred to me this week. When Bennett was in speech therapy last year, his therapist said something about him having trouble connecting words to objects. Like there was a bridge missing or something. I can’t remember the details, although I probably put it in an email to someone at some point and could possibly look it up if it were crucial information. I don’t believe it is. I do wonder, though, if that might have something to do with him saying, “What it called?” all the time. He doesn’t just do it with things he’s unfamiliar with. He will mention something, then in the next sentence say, “What it called?” when trying to continue the conversation.

He still thinks batteries are the answer to everything. Netflix (or our internet) was being flaky this afternoon, and Bennett told us, “The TV needs new batteries.”