Random-Thought Day

A former classmate posted tonight on Facebook asking if any of us could remember the themes from our junior or senior prom. So far, we’ve come up with nothing… Wait, we did have one possible answer for junior year. Just goes to show that all that stress and drama to come up with a great theme isn’t really worth it in the long run. I do however, remember a two (maybe three)-hour long dinner at The Olive Garden with several friends before we went to the prom. 🙂

We made it through Day 3 (Take 2) of the potty adventures. I think this may really be it. He’s had a couple of small accidents, but nothing like what we had last time. We’re using pull-ups (because he doesn’t quite have control over everything yet and some things are just really messy to clean out of underwear) and they have the little design on the front that disappears when the pull-up gets wet. He’s had a couple of smudges, but so far, nothing has completely disappeared. After he had an oops today, he told me, “I peed on my star.” Well, yes, you did. It happens. Hopefully not for much longer.

I watched American Idol tonight, but with James gone, I couldn’t get really enthusiastic about it. I started watching this season because people kept telling me there was a guy on there who has Asperger’s. I kept watching and voting because “that guy” happened to be really good. I really thought he was going to win. Now that he’s gone, I think Scotty is going to win it. I’ve only recently started to really like him, but I know he’s got the teeny-bopper text vote all wrapped up.