Hash Browns and Oatmeal and French Fries

Note: Thanks to Blogger, this post, which was originally written and posted on 5/11/2011, was suddenly removed, returned with the original date, then posted with a date of 5/18/2011.

I just came from a doctor’s appointment I didn’t enjoy and I have a horrible headache, so I’ll share a couple of Bennett stories. He always makes me feel better.

Bennett, after I kissed his forehead: Why you kiss my head?
Me: ‘Cause I can.
Bennett: You love me?
Me: Yep.
Bennett: I kiss your head?
I leaned down so he could kiss my forehead.
Bennett: Why I kiss your head?
Crazy, I tell you. He’s going to make me crazy.

This morning, I realized he has freckles on his cheeks, and a couple on his nose. I told him about them so he decided he now has freckles everywhere… elbows, ankles, feet, arms, legs, ears…

He’s started telling me “You smell like hash browns and oatmeal and french fries.” I don’t even know what to make of that. I take frequent showers. They’re his favorite foods. Maybe he’s telling me I smell good…